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Photography of corporate events

photo report from company meetings, events, conferences, competitions, competitions, fairs, banquets


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I provide professional photo documentation of events of different nature. Photo report is a valuable souvenir for the participants of the event, as well as a great promotional tool for the company, ready to be placed even on the website. Each event has its own specificity, unique atmosphere and is governed by its own laws, therefore it is especially important for the photographer to have versatile skills and broad experience in various types of events, supported by an appropriate portfolio. Very important is his style and ability to cope with different circumstances of lighting, geometry of the space in which the event takes place or the dynamics of the scene (movement). All this is crucial to convey the natural character and atmosphere of the event.

Fotografia wydarzeń i eventów firmowych by Fotosceny

An event photographer must be able to adapt to the requirements of the organizer - in events of a formal or intimate nature, he or she must act in a subtle way and be unnoticeable during his work, so as not to disturb or absorb attention with his person or equipment. In the case of casual events, such as parties or corporate events, the photographer very often should be partly an animator of the event within his/her work and engage participants in posing for photos, he/she should exude empathy creating a warm atmosphere of trust and be ready for interaction - thanks to this no one will feel embarrassed and everyone will want to have a photo, posing in a natural way.

I invite you to see my portfolio with examples of projects and to contact me and take advantage of my offer of event photography.

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