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Destination Wedding Photography


Wedding Photoshoot 

Destination Wedding photographer

Do you dream about a perfect destination wedding photoshoot? Are you and your other half emotionally attached to a specific place abroad? Or maybe you just like the atmosphere of some city in Europe or in the world and you want it to accompany you every time you reach for the photo album? Whatever your reason for choosing a location outside the country - I will travel with my camera to create the most beautiful images, that tell the story of your love. I do my best to make my couples associate their trip together with fun during the hours spent in front of the lens.
I offer you a unique wedding session in Tuscany, Venice, Florence, Rome, Paris or any other place in the world.

Destination Wedding Photoshoot

As a professional wedding photographer, I approach my work with the utmost commitment. Immortalizing the most important moments and creating beautiful stories with my camera is my passion, so getting to the location of your choice is not a problem for me. My years of experience in the field of wedding photography and flexible approach to clients' expectations make cooperation with me an adventure, that is crowned with a great destination wedding session. If you are interested in an offer for a special wedding session, wedding reportage or engagement session, write to me! We will arrange all the details.

How much does a destination wedding session cost

There is often a belief that a destination wedding photo shoot is associated with very high costs. In practice, however, the costs of such session do not have to differ much from other sessions. Of course, in each case the price of the service must include additional elements, such as travel and accommodation costs, however, by planning the wedding session well in advance, such costs can be significantly minimized. Currently many airlines offer much lower prices, e.g. by buying tickets much earlier. Often there are also special offers such as "second ticket for free" or significant price reductions within a certain time period. The same applies if you decide to book your accommodation well in advance, you can count on very attractive prices. It is enough to find a wedding photographer early enough and set the date of the session together, which will allow you to optimize the costs of such session.

How long does a destination wedding photoshoot take

In case of a destination wedding shoot I do not limit its time and I dedicate the whole day to you. How this time will be used depends mainly on you - your plans and dreams as well as your physical condition, since an outdoor wedding session always involves some physical effort, if only due to the need to wear wedding outfits. In each case, always taking into consideration your preferences, at the planning stage, I try to tell you what are the possibilities and potential of a given place, in order to realize the photo session in the best possible way and to use our time as efficiently as possible.

Destination wedding session - how to prepare for it

The destination wedding photoshoot is quite similar to the other sessions, but in the former case I always suggest using all the time available, which of course has its requirements. During the long session there will always be time for rest and a meal, so it is worth to include it in the plan of the session, to be able to sit for a while longer in some of the local restaurants and taste the local specialties. This is also a great time to comment on what has already been accomplished and talk about next steps. What you should take care of during the session itself is appropriate and comfortable shoes - because a wedding session is all about movement and moving around. It's definitely not worth taking extra shoes with you to change them during the shoot, as carrying anything extra is always a big burden. The only exception to this rule are drinks, which you should always have with you.

We can also divide the session into two slightly separate parts - the morning one and the afternoon/evening one. This allows us to use the most interesting light - the bright morning and the late afternoon golden hour. The middle part of the day can then be used to relax and prepare for the rest of the day.

Planning a destination wedding session

My preparations for a destination wedding photoshoot depend strictly on the place we are going to, as well as the season and the weather in that place. Preparations for a place, that I already know very well (such as Venice or Florence) will look different than for a place, where I will be for the first time. In each case I want the photos to be original and not a duplication of other photographers' ideas. That is why, in case of completely new places, I always conduct a virtual reconnaissance first, checking what places are the most attractive and, using a special application, I verify what time of the day is the most beneficial for a given place, because of the light - the position of the sun on our photoshoot day. Based on this data and the distances between places I make a plan defining the order in which to visit each place. If our plan is to arrive at our location early, then I additionally verify my plan by visiting the planned locations directly, to get to know their specifics. Such a structured plan helps a lot, however in each case there must be some space for improvisation, because unplanned events always enrich and diversify the recorded images, and your time spent in front of the lens must also be a kind fun.