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Wedding is unquestionably one of the most important and emotional events in life, rich in positive energy, brimming with joy and optimism. The wedding ceremony and the accompanying events take only a few hours, but their images will be remembered by the bride and groom for their entire lives. Wedding Photography is the medium, that allows you to preserve these extraordinary moments forever and to go back to them, at any time and place. It creates a wealth of memories, full of exceptional value for the honeymooners and other persons participating in these unique events. 


On Location

Natural moments and behaviors, or carefully directed scenes.

Light of the sun and reflections, or epic, creative lighting complementing the stage.

Full improvisation or a screenplay. Favorite and natural or specially aranged places.

Outdoor shooting in the garden, just next to you, or at the other end of the world.

It is only the fantasy, that can limit us...


Getting Ready

Wedding dress, earrings, makeup, tie, shirt, bow tie, mirror, hairstyle, veil, ring, shoes .. everything is the most important here and nothing can be forgotten. Time for preparations flows inexorably quickly and there is always too little.

There are so many fleeting images here. the blush on the cheek, reflection in the mirror, eyeshadow, lipstick, shoe fastening, bow tie attachment, fastening the garter, cuff clip, dissolved hair curls, eye glance at thought of him, smile at thought about her...



The most emotional moments when dreams come true and the most important day of life takes place. It is the time now, when you are the most important people in the world and the most positive energy surrounds you all around.

All eyes are focused, looking at you with pride, with delight, with hope, with the deepest wishes...



It's about remembering.

It is a very energetic time and a place, where laughter and joy spin for hours. This is a time for everyone who loves you, a time of wishes and good energy, positive thoughts, feelings and joy, great fun and countless images to remember...


Engagement Sessions

Carefree, charming moments, when everything is just in front of you.

Warmth of the hand, a kiss, the ring, tears of happiness, tender embrace, joy of being together and making plans for the future.

A bench in the park, a walk in the woods, a spring meadow, autumn mountains, a gondola ride ... Or maybe a charming moment on the roof of a skyscraper at sunset?

Whatever is your fantasy...

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