Wedding Photography


Wedding Preparations

Applying lipstick on the lips, mascara on the eyelashes, a smile in the mirror, a sparkle in the eye, a soul mate corrects the hairstyle, helps with the dress, shoes, veil...

A flower in a buttonhole, a bow tie around the neck, a cuff link fastening, a men's watch on his wrist, checking the time...

This is a moment of tension and impatience, because there is always not enough time ;)

In this wedding photography gallery, I present to you a selection of wedding photographs taken during the preparations of the Bride and Groom for the wedding ceremony. It is a very specific time and very interesting when I can accompany you in your preparations. It is a kind of backstage, a place behind the curtain, to which only a few have access. The photographs taken then, have a unique character and are eagerly used later to look at yourself from a different perspective and calmly.

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