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Pregnancy Photography

Maternity Photography Sessions


Pregnancy portraits · maternity session at home, outdoors, in the studio

A pregnancy session is a fantastic keepsake for a woman during a wonderful time, which is undoubtedly the period of pregnancy. Pictures taken by a photographer with experience in pregnancy photography, having the right approach to the model, will surely be a wonderful keepsake from the pregnancy period also for the future father, for the child which is to be born, for the grandparents and the whole family. Pregnancy photography is one of my passions, that is why I try to convey all the beautiful emotions that accompany the expectation of the birth of a child.

Portret ciążowy by Fotosceny

Usually pregnancy photography sessions last about 3 hours - which is a very comfortable time, however the duration can be any and in particular a short 1 hour session is also possible. Before each photo session I try to arrange a face to face meeting in order to get to know each other, to listen to our expectations, tastes, ideas for photos, to talk about possibilities and to create a plan for our belly session. Very often during the session we come up with additional ideas, we improvise a lot, thanks to which the photographs become more natural and original. I make sure that our work on the set is as comfortable as possible, it takes place in a good temperature and if necessary we take short breaks, during which we take a look at what has already been done. The atmosphere of our photographic meeting is always very nice and joyful - I try to make our meeting a nice fun which at the same time will result in beautiful shots.

After the session, within three days, I provide you with a private online gallery with the completed photos - in order to select the best photos, which I then process. The finished images are sent to me as digital files in JPG format on a memory stick in an elegant photographic case. In addition to this, there are always additional options to print the photos in the form of a photobook, photo-album, a larger photo in the form of a photo-picture to hang on the wall or simply printed prints.

See the gallery of example implementations.

If you like my photos - contact me and book a date today!  😊

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