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Photo Gallery of Wedding Sessions


Destination Wedding Photographer

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important and emotional events in life, abounding in positive energy, joy and optimism. The wedding ceremony itself, together with the accompanying events, lasts only a couple of hours, however the images that accompany them will be remembered by the bride and groom for a lifetime. Wedding photography is a medium that allows you to reach for those extraordinary images at any time and any place, it is a souvenir that is of exceptional value to the newlyweds and people accompanying them in those unique moments.

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fotografia ślubna, ślubna sesja plenerowa - by Fotosceny

Wedding outdoor

Natural moments and behaviors or carefully directed scenes.
Sunlight, reflections and highlights or epic lighting that creatively complements the scene.
Fully improvised or scripted, favorite, natural or specially dedicated locations.
Plein air in the garden next door or on the other side of the world.
We are limited only by our imagination...



Wedding dress, earrings, makeup, tie, shirt, bow tie, mirror, hairstyle, veil, ring, shoes. Everything is important and nothing can be forgotten. The time for preparations goes inexorably fast and there is always a little bit too little of it. There are so many fleeting images... The blush on the cheek, the reflection in the mirror, the shadow on the eyelid, the brush stroke of the eyelash, the buttoning of the shoe, the fastening of the bow tie, the fastening of the garter, the cuff link, the loose curl, the twinkle in the eye at the thought of him, the smile at the thought of her...

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fotografia ślubna, przygotowania panny młodej - by Fotosceny
fotografia ślubna, ceremonia ślubna - by Fotosceny

wedding Ceremony

The most emotional moments, when dreams come true and the most important day of life takes place.
This is the time when you are the most important people in the world and the most positive energy surrounds you from everywhere.
All eyes are focused, looking at you, with pride, with admiration, with hope, with deepest wishes...

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Wedding Party

It's about remembering.
It's a very energetic time and a place where laughter and joy swirl for hours.
It's a time for all who love you, a time of good wishes and good energy, positive thoughts, feelings and joy, great fun and countless images to remember....

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fotografia ślubna, sesja narzeczeńska w Wenecji - by Fotosceny

Engagement Session

Carefree, charming moments when everything is ahead of you.
The warmth of hands, a kiss, a ring, tears of happiness, tender embrace, the joy of being together and making plans for the future.
A bench in the park, a walk in the woods, a spring meadow, autumn mountains, a gondola cruise ... Or maybe charming moments on the roof of a skyscraper at sunset?
Whatever you dream of...

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Photo Products

When one of the most important days of our lives is behind us, it is wonderful to be able to look at photos that reflect all the most beautiful moments and atmosphere of that time. Whether it is a photo-album, photo-book, dreambook or single prints. it is very important to be able to hold them directly in your hands - nothing can replace the pleasure of touching something that physically exists.

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fotografia ślubna, zdjęcia ślubne w foto albumie - by Fotosceny
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