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The wedding and the reception are extraordinary events in the life of every couple in love. An excellent souvenir of this day is a perfectly executed session and a photo-report from the ceremony is a carrier of emotions accompanying the guests and the newlyweds. Wedding photography is my passion, that is why I approach each order individually and during my work I try to convey the atmosphere of the whole event, the mood and climate prevailing among the wedding party. Deciding to work with me, you have a guarantee of professionally taken pictures, both posed during the session and the best shots from the very center of the most important events. I work not only in Warsaw but also in the vicinity.

If you are looking for an experienced wedding photographer in Warsaw, you care about high quality photos, professional service and pleasant atmosphere of cooperation, I encourage you to view my work and contact me.

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Wedding Photojournalism

My name is Tomasz Budzyński, I am a wedding photographer and I created the brand fotosceny with a view to recording the most emotionally energetic and optimistic moments in life. Being able to tell your story in my words is a great privilege, very motivating and obliging at the same time. That's why I put all my passion and energy into my work to create a one-of-a-kind product for you, unique and allowing you to go back in time in any moment of your life - be it a photo-album, a photo-book, a photo-image or printed prints - it always makes a strong impression when you pick up something that physically exists and is so strongly connected to the most beautiful time.


In my wedding photography I pay a lot of attention to aesthetics and I want the composition and lighting to emphasize the atmosphere and specificity of a given moment. Regardless of the place - whether it is a wedding session in Warsaw, in another city in the country or abroad - my favorite light is the found lighting because it is always natural and it reflects the scene. However, I also like to use artificial light, i.e. flash light, in order to bring out textures, colors and dynamics, sometimes to add a note of mystery and sometimes to emphasize the geometry of the surroundings adding a new dimension to it. When it comes to scenes - I definitely like natural, cheerful and bright, with a lot of humor and fun.

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Where I am available to you

Apart from photography, my second great passion is travelling. For me it is not only landscapes, but also other people, other cultures, languages, other cuisine, smells, air and light. I love exploring, that is why I travel as often as I can - so not only Warsaw, but with pleasure I will go to any place in the country and the world to accompany you as a photographer - whether it is a wedding ceremony with full wedding setting, whether it be a wedding ceremony with full wedding setting, wedding preparations and wedding party till dawn where I create a full wedding photo report, or a warm, intimate wedding ceremony in the mountains or on the beach, engagement session, short elopement, humanist wedding, honeymoon session or maybe a honeymoon trip.

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If you like my wedding photographs, I look forward to hearing from you. I will be happy to answer all your questions and talk about your plans, needs and dreams. Most willingly I will meet with you directly to tell you about myself, my work and my offer, as well as to present sample photo products. And if the circumstances are not convenient for a meeting in Warsaw or nearby, a video or telephone conversation will also do the job perfectly. Check out my offer of wedding photography where I describe the ranges in detail and answer the most common questions.

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Sara & Grzegorz

We would gladly replace the rating of "very good" with "excellent" but there is no such scale.❤️  If you are wondering which photographer to choose for this special day or session, we recommend Tomasz with a clear conscience. Revelation is not enough to say. Ingenuity and great shots are definitely his assets. A photographer with whom you can freely talk and arrange everything. He will take such pictures that the only problem will be a choice of photos to be framed as one would like to wallpaper the whole house with them. We had our session in Venice so apart from nice "setting up for photos" he was a guide for us... It was nice to listen how passionately he talks about this place. Interesting and intelligent man who in crisis situations keeps cool head and can even sew a wedding dress ????. Fabulous time. Thank you for the wonderful photos and amazing memories. ????

Linn & Stian

My wife and I got married in Warzawa in June and chose to be photographed by Tomasz. It was a pleasure to get to know this wonderful nice man. We were guided through several areas of the city and heard many stories on the road - in addition to taking many great pictures. We are incredibly pleased with the result and left with a unique experience that has been framed on images by a highly skilled and professional photographer. Thank you, Tomek. We can certainly recommend Tomasz's services to all!

With best regards Linn & Stian.

Klaudia & Mateusz

After the very first conversation with Mr. Tom, I knew that he would be the best photographer for my son and daughter-in-law's wedding. The photo session was one of the gifts, so I took care of the first arrangements.

Tomasz had a great contact with the bride and groom from the very beginning, he got to know their needs, he got close enough that during the session they behaved as if he was photographing their friend. You couldn't see any stress, they were smiling and posing very nicely. They treated the outdoor photos like fun. As a result, the bride and groom have fantastic photos in their white dress and sneakers 😊

Mr. Tomasz arrived a day earlier to analyze and look at the surroundings. We had a chance to get to know each other better and prepare for the whole ceremony.

He took a lot of pictures from which we couldn't choose a predetermined number. All of them were very nice and unique. In every picture something is happening. I have an impression that these photos are "alive". Each one will be a nice memory.

During the entire ceremony Mr. Tomek was almost invisible. He did not set anyone up. Nobody improvised. He caught amazing moments and captured them on paper.

I highly recommend Mr. Tomek!

If you haven't chosen a photographer yet, don't hesitate. Mr. Tomek is a photographer with great experience and unique, warm and composed approach to the newlyweds and all the guests.

Justyna & Adam

I have always wanted to have a souvenir of my wedding in the form of beautiful pictures without a film that nobody watches later anyway. And Tomek made this dream come true. We have beautiful photos, which everyone is delighted to see and say that they look like from the best magazine. And that is how we felt during the session - as if we were the most important people in the world and our photos were to be the most beautiful and adorn the covers of the best wedding or fashion magazines. Tomek knows how to capture the beauty of moments and people, even in moments when it seems that there are no conditions for a session. On our wedding day there was supposed to be a session in the meadow with a horse in the sunshine and blue sky. And it was cold and very cloudy. I thought that nothing will come out of the pictures, but when I saw the effect, my jaw literally dropped. The pictures looked great and no one could believe that they were taken on an ordinary meadow behind a stable. What is more, Tomek knows how to take a picture of a horse in such a way as to bring out all its beauty, and during our session he photographed this animal for the first time. There are not many photographers in the country who can do that, which proves Tomek's enormous talent and his ability to find his way in any conditions. To sum up. If anyone of you dreams about a beautiful souvenir from this most important day in your life, choosing Tomek will make one of the best decisions in your life and later, looking at the photos, he will admit that he could not have made a better choice. I wholeheartedly recommend.

Paula & Sergiu

We wholeheartedly and with a clear conscience recommend Tom 😊 We are delighted with the photos he took during our wedding and reception. We received perfectly captured, natural and original frames full of emotions, which we wanted so much. Together with the highest quality photoproducts, which we received very quickly after the wedding, they will be a wonderful souvenir for us. Tomek is a talented professional who works with passion and commitment. He was perfectly prepared from the beginning and was very discreet and tactful during our ceremony, making us all feel at ease. He is also a nice, open and cultured man, so cooperation with him is a pleasure.
We are happy that it was him who accompanied us on such an important day and we highly recommend him to everyone!

Ania & Mateusz

From the very first words we exchanged with Tomek, we knew that he would be the one to capture this special day for us. Already during the first conversation, Tomek made a very positive impression on us, which led to the fact that we decided to cooperate.
She is a very communicative and flexible person, able to find a solution for the most unusual situations. She advises and provides help. She can perfectly capture every moment and even in not very favorable weather conditions, conjure up a beautiful session
I must add that we were not the easiest couple to work with - and Tomek had angelic patience with us ;)
If you want to relieve yourself of stress on the wedding day and feel at ease in front of the camera - we recommend Tomek with a clear conscience :)!

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