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Florence Wedding Photographer

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Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Florence who can capture this one of the most important days in your life in an original and extraordinary way? Then you've come to the right place. My name is Tomasz Budzyński and I am a professional wedding photographer in Fotosceny. I will be happy to organize a photo engagement session for you, a wedding reportage from the ceremony and reception, as well as a wedding on location photo shoot in the Tuscan countryside.

Florence is a place for my fantastic memories, both personal and professional. Working as a wedding photographer in Florence, I am very lucky because it gives me the opportunity to travel and explore many different regions and meet many new people. It's also a great way to get to know the amazing Italian culture better! Florence has a special place in my heart, with so many charming nooks and crannies that provide the perfect backdrop for a Tuscan wedding photographer.

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Wedding photography - Florence

The time of wedding and reception is a time of love and emotion, and Florence provides the perfect atmosphere for both of these emotions. A wedding photo shoot in Florence gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in its romantic and photogenic alleys and nooks, offering a fantastic variety of perfect locations for taking photos on your wedding day. It is full of quiet, romantic nooks that have attracted lovers for centuries. It is a city that grew out of art and its artistic talent is as strong as ever today. In a city with so much art, museums and amazing architecture, it's hard not to get inspired. You will find that the inspiration of this city will be contained in the stunning wedding photography you will get from your Florence wedding photographer.

As a wedding photographer in Florence, I love crossing the Ponte Vecchio bridge and taking pictures of people in love in the narrow streets of Oltrarno or on the steps of San Miniato al Monte with a beautiful view of the entire city. Florence is like a great open air museum. and high season, it can be very crowded with tourists, student groups and guests from all over the world. This should be taken into account not only when renting the premises, but also when planning places for a photo shoot with a Tuscan wedding photographer. As a wedding photographer, I strongly recommend making an early morning photo shooting, especially when it comes to very popular places such as Piazzale Michelangelo, Piazza della Signoria or Ponte Vecchio. You do not need anything more for wedding photos: Florence is a wonderful background and scenery - please feel free to contact me!

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot in Florence by Fotosceny

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With my words, I tell your stories - as a bride, as a groom, as a couple in love. I work naturally, often very quietly, searching for the smallest details: the lace of the veil, living bubbles and prosecco foam, my mother's elegant tear. I find what is unique and beautiful. I am a visual storyteller. My goal is to capture moments of delight, joy, emotion, and maybe even nostalgia. In my wedding photos you will find images that will make you smile and maybe even a tear of emotion. You will always be happy to see in them scenes or details that you may have missed on this emotional day.

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot in Florence by Fotosceny

Good photographer for a wedding in Florence

A good photographer in Tuscany is a good portfolio, as well as positive opinions from other clients for whom your photographer has already carried out photo shoots. By booking me and ordering my services, you invite me to part of your life and share your most intimate and most important memories. It is an amazing honor, but also trust. I really enjoy getting to know my clients, their needs and desires so that I can tell their unique story through my eyes. I am a storyteller with a mix of style for wedding portrait, honest and reportage photography, I love capturing life moments in all its beauty.

Thank you for visiting my website and I am glad that you are considering my offer of wedding photography as a very important aspect of your most important event. Thank you very much!

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Florence is an exceptional place
for the wedding photo shoot in Tuscany

Every remarkable moment in history has its birthplace. Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance: a cultural revival (from the Renaissance meaning revival, or if you prefer Italian, Rinascimento). Imagine your wedding in a place where art, architecture and ideals of beauty revived and flourished!

For an exceptional bride and groom who chose Florence, a way to celebrate their love in a city of artistic genius: Michaelangelo, Botticelli, Masaccio, Fra Angelico, Brunelleschi, Raffaello, Giotto. Duomo, Academy, Pitti Palace, Uffizi Gallery, Piazza della Signoria, Ponte vecchio - the list goes on and on. This wonderful Tuscan city is unique in the world. And extremely unique.

Florence is also a city of elegance. And a quiet passion. And strive for perfection. Therefore, as a professional wedding photographer, I am very happy to go to wedding photo shootss in Florence. I adhere to these Florentine ideals in my work. I am a visual storyteller looking for those little details - the secrets that make your wedding an expression of you and your love for yourself.

Photographer for the wedding in Florence

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot in Florence by Fotosceny
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