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Wedding Photographer Warsaw

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If you are looking for a wedding photographer in or around Warsaw who can capture this one of the most important days in your life in an original and extraordinary way, you've come to the right place. My name is Tomasz Budzyński - I am a professional wedding photographer in Fotosceny. I will organize a photo engagement session for you, a wedding reportage from the ceremony and reception, as well as an outdoor wedding photo shoot. The wedding photos I take are natural, full of emotions and dynamics, showing fleeting moments and the natural atmosphere of the photographed scenes. If you care about natural, non-directed shots, with a hint of creativity - feel free!

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Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot by Fotosceny

Wedding Photography - Warsaw

Warsaw is a very original place for a wedding photo shoot, representing a great potential for photography, and everyone will definitely find the atmosphere that best suits their taste. Depending on the preferences of the bride and groom, we can use the background of the historic architecture of the Old Town and the beautiful gardens of the Royal Castle for our session. The original background, although radically different in character, may be the modern architecture of office buildings in districts with business centers, where the rays of the sun shining through the glass panes of the office buildings can create unique scenes. Despite the fact that Warsaw is a large urban agglomeration - you can easily find natural and green places here - it is favored by a large number of gardens as well as easily accessible areas on the Vistula - whether it will be on its left side -  more orderly, with a strip of the Vistula boulevards, or on the right - more natural, wooded and with lots of picturesque meadows. In Warsaw, there are many possibilities for a wedding or engagement photo shoot, so when planning such a photo shoot, it is crucial to choose places that will be the expectations of the bride and groom and their preferences with their character and potential. An experienced wedding photographer from Warsaw is best able to suggest to a young couple which places offer specific advantages depending on the season of the year and suggest what time of the day will be the best for a given place. Depending on the time that the bride and groom may devote to the wedding session, it is worth considering more than one place for photos and arranging their order accordingly in order to make the most effective use of natural light and ensure, that the whole photo shoot is as little physically tiring as possible.

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot in Warsaw by Fotosceny

My place is Warsaw, but as a wedding photographer I am happy to go anywhere - be it in Warsaw, somewhere in Poland or in the world - because traveling is next to wedding photography, my second passion - a passion for visiting new places, meeting new people and getting to know new habits. Warsaw and its vicinity is a very attractive place for wedding photography, with both very rich facilities for organizing wedding receptions and a wide potential for outdoor photo shoots. To use this potential, it is necessary to find a good photographer who knows all the nooks and crannies in the area, and is able to move effectively in order to make the best use of the time dedicated to the wedding session.

A good wedding photographer working in the city of Warsaw knows how to best use the potential and advantages of this place, how to capture the unique emotions, feelings and individual character of the photographed characters. By making a wedding reportage  I always work discreetly, be as little noticed as possible and not interfere in ongoing events and situations. I try to make the photos I record natural, and where necessary, skillfully enhanced with a note of creativity.

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot in Warsaw by Fotosceny

A good photographer for a wedding in Warsaw
what to look for

How to recognize if a wedding photographer has the required skills and experience? There are a number of issues that need to be taken into account when considering. A good photographer is a good portfolio, but also positive opinions of other clients for whom the photographer in question has made the photo shoot - the key factors here are not only quantitative but, above all, qualitative parameters. It is necessary to pay attention to whether it can capture the unique emotions and character of the photographed people and events, whether it is distinguished by a sense of aesthetics, sensitivity, and a lot of creativity and enthusiasm. Does the photographer cope with all types of lighting and can he find himself in all circumstances? Does the style used by the photographer match the expectations of the bride and groom? How he copes with the production of posed, as well as free or reportage, static and dynamic photos.

The key element in choosing a wedding photographer is also the ease of working with him, how open he is to the suggestions and needs of the bride and groom. The first meeting with the photographer, which I always propose at the very beginning of cooperation, helps a lot in this direction - the possibility of a direct conversation is an opportunity to ask any questions, make sure about his competence and style, and discuss all key issues and, of course, the detailed offer of photography bridal .

If you are looking for a professional photographer in Warsaw for your wedding, I invite you to contact me. Based on your expectations, needs and ideas, together we will establish the best action plan so that the pictures are created that will allow you to come back to those most important moments with great pleasure.

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot by Fotosceny

Hiring a good wedding photographer in Warsaw, speaking in business language - is a kind of investment and it is worth making sure that this investment is best located, ensuring that the photos you receive will be  always evoke feelings and emotions with equal force and faithfulness on this most important day for you. The portfolio of a wedding photographer is a very convenient and unambiguous way to find out what style the photographer represents, what his skills are in working in various conditions, and whether he is doing well in an outdoor photo shoot and photojournalism. In addition to the wedding portfolio itself, which presents the best photos in a cross-sectional way, it is also worth checking out examples of full sessions that tell longer stories - from wedding preparations and parents' blessing, through the wedding ceremony, to the wedding reception and wedding photo shoot.

Kolaż portretów ślubnych - zdjęcia ślubne z sesji ślubnych w Warszawie - Fotosceny

Your wedding and engagement photo shoots in Warsaw and other cities
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Warsaw and its surroundings
it's an interesting place for wedding photoshots

As a professional wedding photographer, I definitely recommend the city of Warsaw due to its great potential, great variety and charm of many places where you can make beautiful and original photos. I invite you to familiarize yourself with the following examples of very interesting places for wedding sessions in and around Warsaw:

The Vistula Boulevards in Warsaw are areas located on the left bank of the Vistula. It is a place with a beautiful view of the river, modern buildings such as the Copernicus Science Center, the Royal Castle and tenement houses of the Old Town, as well as the right bank of the Vistula river immersed in greenery. On the boulevards there are gazebos with deckchairs, stone benches and seats made of tree branches. There is also a vantage point and a mini beach with wicker baskets, stylish trees and various types of shrubs and intricately planted clumps of tall grass. It is a very charming place, and the golden glow before sunset creates beautiful lighting for atmospheric wedding photos.

BUW Gardens - an attractive place where special attention deserves, among others, the green roof garden of the University Library, one of the largest and most beautiful roof gardens in Europe. The garden consists of two parts: upper and lower, where the main attractions are a pond, a fountain and granite sculptures by Ryszard Stryjecki from the Situational sketch series, referring to cosmological motifs. From the roof there is a panorama of the city and a view of the Vistula River and the wealth of plants arranged according to color dominants - golden, silver and carmine. The garden areas are connected by footbridges, paths, bridges and pergolas on which grapevines, hydrangeas and clematis grow. It is a beautiful and attractive place for wedding photos, located next to the Vistula Boulevards, which allows you to plan a wedding session for at least a few hours. Regular concerts and meetings take place at the University of Warsaw Library, so it is worth making sure in advance that there is no event scheduled in this place on the selected day.

The park and palace complex in Wilanów - this is an impressive place, the décor and arrangement of which is a great background for wedding photos. The vast baroque garden, pond, alleys with rows of formed plants, numerous sculptures and gazebos are a great potential for a wedding photographer. This place is very attractive for tourists, which must be taken into account when planning a session for a specific day and time to avoid the inconvenience of other people in the frame.

Warsaw's Old Town - located in the heart of Warsaw, with narrow streets, picturesque facades of tenement houses and many nooks and crannies, it is a charming background for photos. It is close from here to the royal gardens, the Vistula boulevards, the Saski Garden and the Krasiński Garden.  

Vistula riverbanks and beaches - these are natural elements of the Masovian landscape, many of which can be found along the Vistula. Very close to Warsaw, there is a place that looks more like Caribbean beaches than the Vistula views to which we are used to - it is the Ciszyca beach. An evening wedding session in such a place gives particularly attractive visual effects. Near the ferry crossing point, about 200-300 meters towards Warsaw, you will find smaller islands. There are no beaches here anymore, but there are picturesque Vistula banks, giving you the opportunity to take atmospheric photographs against the Vistula River.

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot by Fotosceny

Kampinos - the National Park located near Warsaw is a huge and very diversified forest complex. Characteristic are inland dune complexes covered with forests, between which there are large areas of swamps covered with alder stands. Fragments of the forest and meadows are close to natural - they can be a beautiful place for wedding photos, regardless of the season.

The palace and park complex in Młochów - is a historic complex consisting of a beautiful, extensive park as well as a historic palace and orangery. The greatest asset of the palace is its blending into nature. From the stairs in front of the entrance there is a view of a large irregular clearing surrounded by trees with park ponds in perspective. The ponds connected by canals are surrounded by a park with old alleys. A brick arcade bridge, islands with old trees add variety to the landscape. You can walk from the park along the avenue to the Młochowski Forest. This complex is a great place for a wedding session also because we will not find there as many tourists and walkers as in the Royal Łazienki Park in Warsaw, which gives a lot of freedom when taking photos.

Arkadia Romantic Park in Nieborów - a place that can delight everyone with its diversity. While walking along wide alleys, you can come across buildings and other objects  names referring to antiquity - Diana's Temple, Circus and Amphitheater, Sibyl's Grotto, High Priest's House or Aqueduct sound mysterious and intriguing, and they also look like this in warm summer light. This park abounds in a large number of nooks and crannies and picturesque buildings as well as architectural remains that look attractive in wedding photos.​

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot by Fotosceny

Grójec orchards - a fantastic opportunity for a wedding session among the rows of apple trees. It is a place full of charm, especially at two seasons of the year - in spring, whitening with a thicket of white flowers, and in autumn - fabulously colorful, with thousands of red fruits. A place to consider, both for a natural style wedding photography and a slightly fancy one, staged in the form of a romantic picnic among apple trees.

Lavender Valley - the lavender field closest to Warsaw is Pod Skowronkami in Korabiewice. Lavender is extremely charming and inspiring, providing a huge amount of wedding photo ideas.

Depending on the lighting, lavender flowers acquire different shades, changing the photographed scene from purple to soft blue. Lavender during flowering is of course a wonderful fragrance that spreads throughout the lavender plantation - this fragrance, together with the view of huge expanses of purple, creates great conditions for romantic scenes, without the need to travel far to Provence or Tuscany.

Moors in Mostówka - this is a forest area with huge tracts of heather stretching for kilometers here - it is one of the largest purple fields in Poland. The heathers stretch to the horizon, which is truly an amazing sight. An additional variety here is the characteristic strip of dune hills, reminiscent of the hills known from the Chain Mountains in the vicinity of Minsk. The whole area is additionally covered with birch and pine groves. The heath in full bloom is also a great place for an unusual photo session. Wedding photos taken here look phenomenal at virtually any time of the day, however, when deciding to have a wedding session here, it is worth planning it in such a time as to use the evening golden hour, which with its color emphasizes the charm of the place in a special way and diversifies the recorded scenes. Heathers in all their glory bloom at the turn of September and October, so it is worth planning a trip to this place in advance, booking at least a few hours for a session. A good wedding photographer should skillfully plan the session scenario in order to use the various corners of the place and the light most effectively.

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot in Warsaw by Fotosceny
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