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Venice Wedding Photographer

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A wedding ceremony and reception is an extraordinary event in the life of every couple in love, which cannot take place without a good wedding photographer. An indispensable souvenir of that day, unique photos from a perfectly made wedding photo shoot. The wedding photography is my passion and I always approach each photo shoot individually, guaranteeing professionally taken photos both during the engagement session, wedding session, and photo reportage of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

As a wedding photographer in Venice, I can also be a guide around this amazing city. I know its amazing history and many secrets, and I know where to find special places and good light for photos, at any time of the day.

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Wedding Photography - Venice

Venice is an extraordinary city - the location on the lagoon, with a huge number of canals, with a whole network of narrow streets and high walls of houses, makes the light reflect from the water surface almost everywhere, creating reflections and illuminating darker nooks and crannies. It is a city that has not changed for hundreds of years, old buildings are at best renovated, and there are no more new ones. All this makes the city a great, ready background for, among other things, photo shoots and in every nook and cranny you can find unique places for wedding photos, at any time of the day.

As a wedding photographer, I am happy to undertake photo shoots in this city, each time it is a fantastic experience and adventure. A very important element in my wedding photography is aesthetics and I pay special attention to ensuring that the composition and lighting properly emphasize the atmosphere and specificity of the moment. Venice wedding photography is my passion.

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot in Venice by Fotosceny

Apart from wedding photography, my second passion is traveling, it is my passion for meeting new people, learning about different cultures, languages, different cuisines, smells and light characteristic for a given place. A trip to any corner of the world, when I can accompany you as a wedding photographer, is a particularly attractive combination of my interests - regardless of whether you choose a warm, intimate wedding ceremony on the beach, a full wedding photo report, a short elopement or an engagement photo shoot.

My place is Warsaw, but I am available to you almost everywhere - be it Venice, Florence, Rome, Paris, Copenhagen, or any other place in Poland or in the world.

Portrait of bride and groom - wedding photoshoot in Venice by Fotosceny

A good photographer for a wedding session in Venice

How to find out about the photographer's skills and experience? Of course, there are a few dimensions that you should pay attention to and check when choosing your Photographer. An obvious matter is his portfolio of sample photos from the photo shoots - they show what style the photographer uses and whether this style fits the expectations of the bride and groom. Can he capture the unique emotions and character of photographed people and events? How a photographer can deal with different types of lighting, how do pictures look in full sun, how with subdued light, how does he use pastel lighting in the early morning or the warm glow of the golden hour. An important element is the composition of the photos taken, good handling both with posed and free or reportage, static and dynamic photos.

An important element in the sessions in Venice is the knowledge of the city itself, its architecture, how to effectively move around the city, and of course the knowledge of attractive and original places that can be a unique background for the photos taken, away from crowded tourist attractions. What is extremely useful here is also the knowledge of the Italian language, which opens up much more possibilities when communicating with the local population, whether it is when renting a gondola and special wishes during a cruise, or when organizing admission to places, often private or generally inaccessible to ordinary visitors .

The key aspect of choosing a wedding photographer is also the ease of working with him, his openness to the needs and proposals of the brides or the bride and groom, creativity and creativity. The first meeting with a photographer, which I always encourage, helps a lot in this direction - the possibility of a direct conversation is an opportunity to ask any questions, make sure about his competence and style.

Kolaż portretów ślubnych - zdjęcia ślubne z sesji ślubnych w Wenecji - Fotosceny

Your engagement and wedding
photo shoots in Venice

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Is Venice a good place for a wedding photo shoot?

My favorite places are many, but if I had to pick one, it would be Venice. This place is special for many reasons. It is often said about Venice that you can only either love it or hate it. My belief is slightly different - in my opinion, you either love it or you don't know it. It is a beautiful, historic city, practically unchanged for several centuries, with incredibly original architecture. It is often said that Venice has a lot of canals, but the perspective is quite different - this city is located on 118 islands connected by 400 bridges, and the canals are simply water flowing around these islands. Regardless of the perspective, however, this city is a phenomenal backdrop for photo and video shoots. Whichever way you look at it, you will find original places and interesting nooks and crannies, while the reflections of the light reflected on the surface of the water, in any place and at any time, create a ready illumination - during the day from the sun, in the evening from the lanterns. The ubiquitous water reflecting the sun's rays makes the light literally glide on the walls of tall buildings, creating a unique game of chiaroscuro. And when it is foggy - it is majestic. And when it rains - it's nostalgic. And when 'aqua alta' comes the atmosphere becomes unique.

All this makes Venice a great place for weddings, honeymoons, outdoor sessions, elopements or engagement sessions. Wedding photos that are created here have a wonderful character and light. The city creates a brilliant background for wedding creations, definitely accentuating the beauty of couples and wedding dresses. This place has an inexhaustible potential and few people know that it is enough to go just a few steps away from the main tourist attractions to have an exclusive scene and light.

As a wedding photographer, I am willing to travel to Venice at any time to shoot your wedding, engagement or anniversary session.

Venice Wedding Photographer

Portrait of bride - wedding photoshoot in Venice by Fotosceny
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