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If you are considering choosing a wedding photographer in Gdańsk or its surroundings who can capture your most important moments in a spontaneous but also creative and original way - I invite you to take a look at my offer. My name is Tomasz Budzyński and under the brand of Fotosceny I realize professional wedding photography including engagement session, full wedding reportage from the ceremony and reception as well as outdoor wedding session. My philosophy is to create images full of emotions and dynamics, to remember fleeting moments and natural climate of photographed scenes.

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Wedding session in Gdańsk, portrait of the bride and groom

Wedding session in Gdańsk

The city of Gdansk, its old town with beautiful ornate tenement houses, the famous Gdansk shipyard, Granary Island with its modernistic architecture, not far away climatic Sopot or finally the sea coast with its beautiful cliffs near Orlowo, beaches and dunes - these are all very attractive places that have great potential as a background for wedding photography where practically every couple will find their favorite atmosphere. As a wedding photographer I am very willing to organize a reportage or a wedding session in Gdansk and its vicinity. The location always depends on the couple and it depends on whether my clients prefer green areas, charming historic buildings of Gdansk tenement houses, modernist architecture, open and natural spaces by the sea or industrial atmosphere and infrastructure of Gdansk shipyard as a background for their wedding photos. In each case, when planning our session together, I suggest to spend some more time together and to include in the plan of the wedding session at least a few neighboring places in order to take advantage of their potential and bring more variety to the photographed scenes.

Wedding session in Gdańsk, a portrait of the bride and groom by the sea

Why is it worth to use my wedding photography offer?
The work I do is driven by my passion - for images, the world and people. I believe that work and passion is the best possible combination - it builds the strongest commitment which in turn translates into work results and client's satisfaction with the final result is the biggest satisfaction for me as a wedding photographer.

What distinguishes my wedding offer?
I don't limit myself to any particular stiff solutions, paths, styles of work or techniques used. It gives me a lot of freedom to adjust my offer to the individual needs of my clients and at the same time it allows for a lot of creativity and using all my experience. In each case I apply solutions, gained in different areas of photography, striving to make the images created by me original, individual and unconventional.

Is a prior meeting with the photographer required?
It is the best opportunity to get to know each other, discuss all the details, expectations and possibilities, get to know the photographer's portfolio, style and personality directly, present your ideas, discuss scenarios. A wedding photographer will accompany you for several most important hours of your life - building warm and effective relations from the very beginning is definitely important.

What do I like the most in my work as a wedding photographer?
The thing I like most of all is changeability - the fact that every photo essay or session is different because of different people, place, time or even weather. I like improvising and treating my work as an adventure when my clients are having fun - regardless of whether it is a wedding reception or an outdoor wedding session, the most important thing is to have fun. I really enjoy combining my work with travelling, doing sessions in new places and conditions. But most of all I like working with people - I like to feel that when I hold the camera I am more someone well known, with whom people feel comfortable and have fun, than a complete stranger. When everyone is on people and not posing - I love capturing natural emotions and behaviors.

Engagement session in Gdańsk, portrait of engaged couple

Wedding photography in Gdansk

What is important for me in my work as a wedding photographer is your feelings and the possibility to photograph them freely, without restrictions and restraints.

The sphere of photography is my passion, work and art at the same time. My style of photography is a dynamic reportage, but also very often I reach for a creative portrait, whenever the place, weather or light creates a chance to create unique images. I feel equally comfortable taking pictures using as a background urban architecture of Tricity, green areas or open spaces - like seaside beaches and picturesque dunes. One of my favorite places, not only professionally, is the Sobieszewo Island located 20 kilometers from Gdansk. It is a beautiful, peaceful and natural area with lovely beaches and picturesque dunes. Despite its proximity to Gdansk, this place is still not outside the typical tourist pressure, which helps to preserve its natural character and beautiful nature. The presence of many species of seabirds is favoured by the Bird Paradise Reserve, while in the adjacent waters of the Baltic Sea and the Vistula estuary seals feel very well. In some places it resembles an almost virgin area, and the nearby pine forests provide additional variety for photo shoots. All this makes me very happy to go here with my couples - wedding pictures taken here have a beautiful, natural atmosphere practically regardless of the season.

Wedding session in Gdansk, portrait of the bride and groom in Oliwa Park
Kolaż portretów ślubnych - zdjęcia ślubne z sesji ślubnych - Fotosceny

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Photographer for a wedding in Gdańsk

My philosophy as a wedding photographer is based on finding the perfect shot of those most beautiful moments in your life. I strive to capture emotions and spontaneous scenes in wedding photographs in a photojournalistic style, while maintaining discretion and a professional approach during wedding events. My style of work combines panache, technique and speed with high attention to detail. I can capture every moment of spontaneity and emotion, but I also appreciate and enjoy posed style of photography, which complements the reportage photos in a special way.

Engagement session in Gdańsk, portrait of engaged couple
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