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I definitely... do like to tell stories with pictures. My pictures are my language to communicate what I feel and how I perceive what surrounds me. Sometimes it is the only way to convey a specific thought or to convey the atmosphere of a moment or an event. The vast majority of the photographs I take are based on my previous thoughts. Some of the works are closed projects in the form of a few or a dozen or so photographs, carefully planned, realized one day, another time over weeks or months. Some of the projects are also in the form of single pictures illustrating one, closed thought, without the need to spread it over many prints. It also happens that I take a photo or a whole series of photos without special thought, as if without thinking, something pulls me in a certain direction and only after some time, after realization, I discover what my subconscious 'had in mind'. This is my favorite method of creation, which first of all allows me to get to know myself.



"Our first sacrifices seem wrenched from us, as if we gave up primary parts of ourselves. Later we learn that it never is appropriate to give up what is essential to us.
When we learn both to take and to give, we can move into a flow of giving and receiving that is love's essence - reciprocity.
  In this way, the flow of energy does not go just one way, but both. I give to you and you to me and we both fully receive the energy. "

Carol S. Pearson.

Not every place has so many secrets. The reflections in the water enhance the imagination, the shapes get a new dimension, the meanings change, drawing the viewer deeper and showing the remarkable forms of the past. Somewhere out there, the old life goes on, it is enough to stop for a moment, look, remember ...

The project is dedicated to Stas.


loam  ferro - from Italian:

1. iron
2. metal part located on the front of the nacelle
    (serves as an ornament and as a counterweight to the gondolier standing near the stern)

Il Ferro

Un  giorno  quotidiano

An ordinary day is held here every day. As everywhere - repetitive events and situations are dictated by the hour, day of the week, month, year ... It would seem the same as in any other city.
How wrong is that ...

Toscana  sottorossa

Little  secrets


Stornellando  alla  toscana

Underwater  monkeys

Leftover  cities

= that is  relations  no  directly  proportional

Forest  lights

"Behold, the sun penetrates the distant forest with its light,
Pines from heaven giving a secret sign of the evening.
Here the pines burned down as if in the depths of the forest
Suddenly something scarlet happened forever!

Lured by this sign, I run there immediately,
So that in advance, before I enter the dark night,
Stay on a faint duration and check visually
This is what the trees already saw before me. "


Birch trees

"Through the ripped birch bark  I drink warm, fragrant resin
And I will surprise the leaves in a rustle,
  and listen to how the core matures, 
Because I need to know at last
  why the trees miss me so much. "


Skies  two

It is not obvious that a second heaven may appear within reach. Perhaps even more mysterious and intriguing.


It is probably the only place where high walls of houses, narrow corridors of streets, dark and damp corners, toned colors of the facade, reflections from the water surface and the aching whiteness of marbles - lead a crazy and complicated game, called chiaroscuro. I found such Venice in the fall of 2009.



This time, a look through another dimension, probably unavailable in everyday life - how does Venice look from under the water? Is she similar to her well-known sister? In search of answers to the questions I asked, I went with my camera to less hospitable places.

Forest  events  (or  dream  last)

"I will never allow myself to be saved, nor will I save anyone. Why is the light not visible in the light, only in the dark? Maybe I will never sprout branches or roots. One day my body will smell and bloom. and I will die. I will not really die, just in a way. They died. I will die like that for the next 60 years. Instead of getting old, I will rejuvenate ... "



Gall  Placidia

Venezia  Rifless

One of my permanent and favorite roads leads to Venice ... I was in this extraordinary city for the first time when I was a child, I returned to it several decades later. It happens that the images of the world that we remember from the old days, seen and remembered with the eyes of a child, collide and deal brutally with the same world to which we return after a long time. This very big 'disappointment' happens to me quite often, disturbing in some way and introducing anxiety into various memories. However, the case of Venice is different - there is no room for 'disappointments' and when I returned to this city after many years, I found it exactly the same as I remember - the same colors, smells, the same atmosphere and atmosphere. Of course, my current view is a bit different than it used to be. I try to look a bit further, deeper, searching for a grasp and stealing a piece of the mystery that this city hides within itself. Each subsequent visit gives me a chance to see something different, new and each time I look at Venice from a slightly different perspective.
The presented works are part of a series carried out in autumn 2008.


Bogna  and  wolves

There were questions about the relationship of the name with the form, so I explain:
“Once in a hundred years, there are events that leave your anxiety forever.
  They remain undefined, undefined, live constantly and constantly make them return to each other.

There is created-freedom-of-thinking-comfort-of-unsolved-matters, but just behind it, in the shadows, there is a fear of these matters being undecidable. This being has its content and form, and when the content is too literal, it must be blurred by an erroneous image that gives priority and emphasis to the form. The question is how to call it? Well, disappointing, but it doesn't matter ... "
So don't look for wolves, because they won't be the most important.



City  empty


IN  forests


Venezia  dove  sei

Where is Venice hiding? I tried to answer this question in the spring of 2008. Crowds of tourists from all over the world besiege all possible places and nooks of this city. All possible languages of the world, costumes, cultures, behaviors ... Where did the old Venice go, with its mystery, hidden nooks and crannies, unusual atmosphere described in old studies, old customs. Those characters, customs, and that way of being inhabitants are gone, but can the old atmosphere still be found?


Apart from  sleeping

Each of us has dreams. There are dreams that are pleasant, happy, mysterious, unpleasant, light and dark. We often get the impression that it is an extension of events that take place in the reality in which we participate. But there are also some that do not fit this reality, as if they come from a different, distant and foreign space of time. Some of these dreams stay in the memory for a long time, others quickly disappear. It happens that right after waking up, we can even feel them drift away, lose details from second to second, blur, and after a while we only remember that something special happened, in which we participated almost like actors. After a few days, weeks or months, we are not sure if they dreamed last night or a long time ago. However, the impression remains that there is something extraordinary apart from reality, or ... that there is something extraordinary beyond the dream.

I  and  they.  My  events.

Ordinary facts are arranged in time, strung on its sequence as if on a thread. There they have their antecedents and their consequences, which are crowded in tightly (...) But what to do with events that do not have their own place in time, with events that came too late, when it was all the time distributed, separated, undressed , and now they have been kind of on the ice, not ranked, suspended in the air, homeless and wrong? Was time too tight for all events? Can it happen that all seats are sold out in time? Concerned, we run along this whole train of events, getting ready to ride (...) ""

Bruno Schulz


Time  past,  done.


Wilderness  imagination


The draw  and  I

Short  history

CV  artistic

Individual exhibitions :

5.04 - 4.05.2008 "Beyond sleep"  [Galeria Jabłkowski in Warsaw]  14.03 - 10.04.2009 "Venezia Riflessa" [Galeria Jabłkowskich in Warsaw]  07.10 - 23.10.2010 "Venezia, dove sei?"  [Gallery "Przy Kozach" in Warsaw]  05.10 - 05.11.2016 " Forest events (that is, the last dream )" [ Gallery Next to ZPAF in Warsaw]


Collective exhibitions:

26.06 - 14.07.2006 "5th Annual Exhibition of Photography Studies ZPAF" [Old ZPAF Gallery in Warsaw] 4.12 - 18.12.2006 Post-competition exhibition of works-photo projects for the 2007 calendar of German-Polish economic cooperation [Winter Garden "Rondo 1" in Warsaw]  June 25 - July 13, 2007 "The 6th Annual Exhibition of Studium Fotografii ZPAF" and a project within the framework of Basia Sokołowska's studio "I and They" [Old Gallery of the ZPAF in Warsaw]  8.09 - 5.10.2007 "Travel cards" - exhibition of ZPAF members and students and lecturers of the ZPAF Photography College [Galeria Jabłkowskich in Warsaw]  16.01 - 24.02.2009 "Venice ♥ 2008" - exhibition of photos and paintings organized as part of the Venetian Club (ZPAP) [Masovian Center of Culture and Art in Warsaw]  7.02 - 1.03.2009 "Nine rays of light in the sky " - exhibition of photographs documenting the recreation of "Nine rays of light in the sky" by Henryk Stażewski [Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw]  8.09 - 15.10.2009 "IN HOŁDZIE HARTWIGOWI" - an exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding artist Edward Hartwig, co-founder of LTF and ZPAF [Galeria Biblioteki im. Hieronim Łopaciński in Lublin]  10.04 - 14.05.2010 "Galeria Jabłkowskich - half a decade" - a jubilee exhibition presenting selected works from almost all exhibitions presented so far in the gallery [Jabłkowskich Gallery in Warsaw]  23.04.2010 Vernissage of the Venetian Club exhibition - works of painters and photographers [Bishop Młodziejowski Palace in Warsaw]  20.07 - 8.08.2010 "15 worlds" - an exhibition of photographs by fifteen artists newly admitted to the Warsaw District of the ZPAF [Old Gallery of the ZPAF in Warsaw]  7 September - 30 September 2010 "Vacationing ... traveling!" - an exhibition of photographs of the graduates of the ZPAF Photography College and members of the ZPAF [Traffic Club in Warsaw and Fotopolis 2010]  19.10.2010 " Ziemia po Kielecku " - qualified exhibition [Kielce, Świętokrzyska Philharmonic Oskar Kolberg]  20.10  - 28.10.2012 " Jubilee Homeless Gallery " [room Stefan Kisielewski at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw]  01.12.2012 " St. Mark's Venice " [Marta Cultural Center in Warsaw]  15.04  - 05.05.2013 " Miasto " - photo exhibition of the ZPAF Photography College Alumni Club [Galeria Traffic Club in Warsaw]  April 25  - 30.04.2015 " Multidisciplinary " - Homeless Gallery  [Sinfonia Varovia Orchestra in Warsaw]  01.08 - 18.09.2016 " Genius loci " [Gallery  ZPAF in Warsaw]  16/12 - 30/12/2016 " Genius loci " [Teatr im. Stefan Jaracz in Łódź]


My works are in special and private collections.

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