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photos for portfolio, catalog, advertising, lookbook



  Feel free to take advantage of my offer of beauty, fashion, lifestyle sessions · implementation in the studio and outdoors

Portret młodej dziewczyny w studio, Portret beauty by Fotosceny

My sessions are aimed at showing the beauty of the female body.  In beauty photography, the photos are mainly focused on showing the model's face in close-up, which is the centre of attention here. They are realised in such a way that the make-up and hairstyle are visible, which, together with very carefully selected lighting, influence the look and attractiveness of the image. Unlike normal portrait photos, these pictures show the photographed persons in a more idealised, dreamlike manner, as they would like to look. Therefore, the registered photos are subjected to a very thorough retouching, which aims to remove any imperfections in the appearance and thus - to emphasize the beauty.

Portret młodej dziewczyny w plenerze, Portret beauty by Fotosceny

Fashion photography is mainly photography of clothing and additional elements such as glasses or a handbag, where the indispensable element is the beauty of the model. Similarly as in the case of beauty photography, it is crucial to prepare the model's look properly, emphasising her sex appeal so that the image created is as attractive as possible and convinces the viewer of the advertised product.

Portret młodej dziewczyny w kawiarni, Portret beauty by Fotosceny

Lifestyle photography combines many different types of photography and one of the key types here is reportage photography. This type of photography focuses on showing people in their everyday lives, taking into account their emotions and moods. Photographs created in this way tell a story. Details play an important role here - often a small fragment of the photographed person or object conveys more information than a full frame with the whole figure. Zooming in on a subject allows you to show its nature, structure, colour or some unique detail.

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