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Professional business and corporate photography

professional business photography sessions · photos of company employees at work


Every company is first and foremost about people, working together, organised into task teams united by one common goal. Group photos of employees are, on the one hand, a way to strengthen the integration of the whole team, and on the other, excellent material for corporate image purposes. 

Professional group photos of employees appearing in internal communication make you cease to be anonymous in the organisation, and group photos taken as part of team integration may in the future become a part of the company's history to be proud of.


I am a photographer with extensive knowledge and experience, both in the field of business portraits, group photos, photography showing the interior of the company and employees at work, as well as all kinds of photo reports from company events, meetings, training sessions, conferences, integration trips. I realize photographic image sessions for companies and organizations. Dedicated and tailored to individual needs, in an attractive way presenting the area of activity, advertising the brand and working environment, teamwork skills and company culture. Presenting the internal image of a company is one of the strongest elements building trust in clients, at the same time allowing to distinguish oneself from the competition.

I invite you to see examples of my projects and to contact me and take advantage of my offer of business and corporate photography.

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