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Culinary photography · Product photography

photos of food and drinks, photos of food products for the catering industry, for restaurants, bars, producers, for advertising, menu cards, websites


Each of us loves to eat, and nothing encourages so much as a tasty and aesthetic view of the product or dish. The art of culinary photography is not easy - it requires great knowledge of photography techniques and a lot of experience. It's not enough that the photographed object itself looks inviting and tasty - the key is to convey this impression in the picture. In this case, the image is the composition, frame, color, depth of field and lighting - all selected in such a way that a single glance of the viewer is tempting and convinces him of the high quality and qualities of the product, which should look fresh and attractive.

Fotografia kulinarna - by Fotosceny

The way of taking pictures and presenting the products is always strictly adjusted to the client's requirements, I present the possibilities and options, consult the ideas. I always photograph food on location - in the restaurant or bar - because it is the shortest way from the chef to the table in my mobile studio, as the food must look fresh and juicy in the photo, exactly the way it is presented to the restaurant or bar customer. In the case of hot food/drinks it is crucial to capture the subtle wisps of steam in time to emphasize the temperature of the product. In the case of cold, frozen food/drinks, the key is to capture the frozen surface of the dish in which it is served.

The way in which food is depicted in a photograph must be consistent and match the presentation style of all products, so that the presentations created are professional and persuasive to customers, whether they are looking at products on a menu card, a website or any other type of publication. Prepared products on plates, beverages, desserts, can be shown from a variety of perspectives - accurately from above, from the side, from an oblique angle, can be shown in full or only partially, with reduced depth of field in the image - emphasizing selected elements of the dish or drink.

Fotografia kulinarna - by Fotosceny

Feel free to check out my culinary photography offer. I guarantee short lead times and photos at the highest level. Feel free to contact me for individual pricing and arranging the date of the session.

The following example is a series of photos for the catalog / menu made for the " Klimaty Południa " restaurant in Krakow:

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