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Newborn photography

Photo sessions of newborns and toddlers at home and in the studio


While your little one is still on the way, it is worth thinking about planning a newborn session. It's a beautiful memento of your little one's first days - for the future of the baby himself and his parents. It's also great to be able to show the photos to grandparents and other family members in real time by sending digital images by email, sharing on a website or through other media. It's also great to be able to get your hands on printed photos, whether as prints, photo books or photo albums.

Fotografia noworodka - rączka dziecka na ręce mamy

Newborn photography is a fairy tale world, at this age children change the fastest. During the first 5-10 days of life they are mainly sleeping and it is easy to arrange them for a photograph. In this period a baby still remembers the embryonic position in which it was placed in its mother's belly. After a dozen or so days babies open their eyes, start to react and it is also a beautiful time to commemorate their charming faces and glances, their first relations with their parents.

Newborn sessions are usually done at the client's home, in the baby's natural place, where he or she spends time from their first days. During the session I take photos of the baby as well as of the parents and any siblings. I allocate enough time for the session to run comfortably, especially for the baby. If there is a feeding or sleeping period, I also use this time to record lovely scenes.

See the gallery of example photoshoots!

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