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Family and Children's Portraits

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Family portraits · photo sessions at home, outdoors and in the studio · portraits of children and adults · occasional photos

It would be my pleasure to do a natural, lifestyle, dedicated session for your family, the photos of which will be a wonderful keepsake for a lifetime. I capture your emotions, your joy and your smile in pictures. With parents, with children, with grandparents, with extended family, with friends.... It's great to be able to reach at any time for an album, photo book or even just simple prints, to be able to take a wonderful trip back in time.

Fotografia rodzinna - by Fotosceny

A photo session carried out at your home allows you to capture your everyday life in the place where you feel best, safest and most comfortable. Whether it's during ordinary household activities, children playing in their own home - in the most natural situations and poses, or posing lightly and casually for photographs.

An outdoor session usually takes the form of a walk in a charming place chosen by you, or it can also be a small picnic. It allows the use of natural light, and the wall of greenery, sky, lake or river are additionally an excellent background for the scene. The wind and the sun's rays add dynamism and texture to the images, and the open space allows you to capture the movement of the children and creates additional conditions for fun and laughter.

Watch and read it 😊  On my blog, I post two full reports from completed family sessions.

I invite you to view the gallery of example implementations.

If you like my photos - contact me and book a date today!  😊

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