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Photography  360x180 ° spherical and virtual tours

360 x 180 ° panoramas and virtual tours -  architecture, building interiors, green areas


Fotografia sferyczna - panorama 360x180 - przestrzeń miejska w Warszawie
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Photos in the form of 360x180 degree panoramas are a perfect way to present virtually any place in an original and unique way. The technology of spherical pictures, as opposed to traditional flat pictures, allows the viewer to see a given place accurately and faithfully as if he or she were directly in that place - by making it possible to look around in the range of 360x180 degrees. So it's not one, single frame but a kind of three-dimensional virtual environment where the viewer can look in any direction they choose. 

My offer includes creation of single spherical panoramas as well as virtual tours based on them consisting of several or more panoramic pictures combined into one coherent whole. 


Thanks to my technical skills, extensive experience, professional photographic equipment and dedicated software, I produce spherical images of the highest quality with very high detail. In the process of recording the images I use, among others, the bracketing technique which allows me to obtain the resulting image in HDR quality (high tonality). Thanks to that I can produce panoramas in any place, regardless of the lighting conditions. The final product which I pass to the client in case of spherical pictures is a single graphic file ready to be placed on the website or dedicated portal like Facebook. In the case of virtual tours it is a ready-made HTML environment with graphic files which you just need to implement on your website. It is an environment optimised for performance and quality, suitable for viewing virtual tours on all kinds of devices - from desktop computers, through tablets to mobile phones.


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Who is the offer addressed to?

The offer of both single spherical pictures and virtual tours composed of panoramas has a great application - practically in any space, whether indoor or outdoor, in urban space or green areas - the technology of spherical pictures allows for a very attractive and accurate depiction of space for the potential viewer. Products prepared in such a way can be viewed both on the screens of various devices as well as through virtual glasses, which is particularly attractive and allows the viewer to have visual experience comparable to that of being in a given space.

Examples of applications include:

Catering industry

interiors of restaurants, bars, various types of premises, gardens

The hotel and leisure industry

presentation of hotel interiors, public spaces, guest rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, gyms

Objects of culture and art

presentation of museum interiors with an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and other works of art

presentation of newly built residential and service buildings, public space

Municipalities, cities

presentation of urban space, streets, buildings, parks, public facilities


advertising of tourist attractions: monuments, amusement parks

Private persons

interiors of objects for sale - flats, apartments, houses, gardens

Service industry

presentation of the interiors of shopping malls, shops, service points

Selected examples of interactive Virtual Tours

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