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Wedding Photography Offer


Destination Wedding Photographer

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A keepsake from the wedding and reception in the form of photographs is something that almost every bride and groom decides on. Immortalizing this special day on photos, they can go back to it whenever they feel like it, referring not only to their own memories but also to the moments captured on wedding photos. Reportage from the wedding ceremony and reception is not all I have to offer to the future spouses. I also offer a short photo session on the wedding day and attractive packages including outdoor engagement session and multimedia presentations. Feel free to contact me!

Unique Wedding Photoshoots

My main offer concerning the realization of wedding photography is included in three main packages: I, II and III which differ mainly in the duration of services - the more time I have with you on the photographic set, the more material is created from it. The content itself can be tailored to your individual needs depending on your preferences. Whether it be the full scope, from the groom and bride preparations, through the blessing of the parents and the wedding ceremony, to the wedding party until the morning light, or an intimate wedding ceremony in the mountains, combined with a lovely outdoor ceremony. I think that each of you will find what suits you best. Unique wedding photo sessions in Warsaw, in the whole country and abroad. I invite you to take a look at my offer!

Ask for details!

Wedding Photography Packages and Pricing

Package I

wedding ceremony, wedding reception

    7 hours of photojournalism

  200 photos after professional editing

200 additional photos on the basis of processing

200 printed prints

flash drive in an elegant case

photo album 20x20cm, 20 pages

private online photo gallery

Package II

wedding ceremony, wedding reception

10 hours of photojournalism

  300 photos after professional editing

300 additional photos on the basis of processing

300 printed prints

flash drive in an elegant case

photo album 30x30cm, 20 pages

private online photo gallery

Package III

preparations, wedding ceremony, reception,  short session on the same day

13 hours of photojournalism

  400 photos after professional editing

400 additional photos on the basis of processing

400 printed prints

flash drive in an elegant case

1 x photo album 30x30cm, 20 pages

2 x photo album 20x20cm, 20 pages

private online photo gallery

option A

3 hour session


50 photos

option B

5 hour session


80 photos

option C

photo album /

photobook /


option D

multimedia presentation

In case of wedding sessions abroad, the price of the service is determined individually each time and its amount depends on the place where the photos will be taken. The scope of the service is the same in each case and its most important features are: no time limit on my work on the wedding day and no limit on the number of photos that, after professional digital processing, I pass on to the bride and groom - all the photos from the wedding day are yours. Should you wish to conduct additional sessions on the day before the wedding and/or on the day after the wedding (pre-wedding and post-wedding sessions) - such a possibility exists in each case.

In the standard approach, ready photos in a digital form are delivered to the bride and groom via one of the Internet services. In the extended option it is possible to deliver the photos on a pendrive in a dedicated elegant photographic case, as well as prepare high quality products containing the photos - in the form of photo albums, photo books, prints or photo paintings.

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Pytania i odpowiedzi

Information in Q&A

Why is it worth to use my wedding photography offer?
The work I do is driven by my passion - for images, the world and people. I believe that work and passion is the best possible combination - it builds the strongest commitment which in turn translates into work results and client's satisfaction with the final result is the biggest satisfaction for me as a wedding photographer.


What distinguishes my wedding offer?
I don't limit myself to any particular stiff solutions, paths, styles of work or techniques used. It gives me a lot of freedom to adjust my offer to the individual needs of my clients and at the same time it allows for a lot of creativity and using all my experience. In each case I apply solutions, gained in different areas of photography, striving to make the images created by me original, individual and unconventional.


What range of hours does my wedding photography service include?
In case of wedding photojournalism I offer three standard packages of 7, 10 and 13 hours, however I always try to adjust my offer to individual needs of my clients. It often happens that the schedule is extended during the event itself (photojournalism or photo session) when new ideas appear or circumstances change. The wedding packages included in the offer are examples.


How is the cost of the wedding service calculated?
The cost of the service consists of the duration of the reportage/ wedding session and the number of photographs taken which, after being professionally processed, are passed on to the Client. Additional, optional costs include the preparation of a photobook/photo-album, photo prints or a multimedia presentation with selected photos.


Is it required to sign a contract, what are the deadlines and payment structure?
Yes, a contract is required - for the comfort of both parties and to enable fully professional service delivery. The contract clearly summarizes in one place all arrangements of the scope, details of places, dates, times, contacts and all additional arrangements. A deposit of 30% of the cost of the entire service is required at the time of signing the contract, with the remaining 70% payable within 5 days of the wedding ceremony.


Is a prior meeting with the photographer required?
It is definitely worth it :) It is the best opportunity to get to know each other, discuss all the details, expectations and possibilities, get to know the photographer's portfolio, style and personality directly, present your ideas, discuss scenarios. A wedding photographer will accompany you for several most important hours of your life - building warm and effective relations from the very beginning is definitely important.


When does the client receive the wedding photos?
The standard waiting time is from 3 to 4 weeks.


In what format/media does the client receive the photos from the reportage / wedding session?
In the basic version, all the ready photos are transferred in the electronic form on a pendrive (e.g. with engraving of the name and the date of the ceremony), placed in an elegant case with specially designed, dedicated photo-covers. The photos are transferred in JPG format, in two resolutions - full size and reduced to a size best suited for viewing on multimedia devices (computer screen, tablet, cell phone, TV), or posting on the Internet. Flash drive is included in the price of the service. An additional option is the possibility of making a photobook/photo-album and a multimedia presentation, containing selected photos.


To what extent are the photos processed?
All the photos are initially corrected in the basic range (white balance, exposure level, contrast, saturation) and then passed to the client to choose the best photos. These in turn undergo additional professional photo processing taking into account all the basic parameters of the image - primarily: sharpening, blurring, de-emphasizing, equalizing/enhancing tonality, cropping, local brightening/darkening, removing minor artifacts, retouching faces for portraits, 'opening' closed eyes, enhancing the atmosphere of the photo, creating alternative color versions - sepia, black and white photos, removing optical defects of the lens - chromatic aberrations and optical distortions, etc. On request I also do photo editing, for example removing an accidental object or person from the frame.


In what places are the sessions conducted?
I realize photo sessions, both wedding ceremony photo reportage and outdoor or engagement sessions, in the whole country and abroad - practically in any place. I am open and ready for any idea :)


When did my adventure with photography start?
My adventure with photography has been going on for over 15 years,


What do I like the most in my work as a wedding photographer?
The thing I like most of all is changeability - the fact that every photo essay or session is different because of different people, place, time or even weather. I like improvising and treating my work as an adventure when my clients are having fun - regardless of whether it is a wedding reception or an outdoor wedding session, the most important thing is to have fun. I really enjoy combining my work with travelling, doing sessions in new places and conditions. But most of all I like working with people - I like to feel that when I hold the camera I am more someone well known, with whom people feel comfortable and have fun, than a complete stranger. When everyone is on people and not posing - I love capturing natural emotions and behaviors.


What equipment do I work with?
I work with professional Nikon equipment - full and large matrix SLR, Nikon and Sigma Art Series lenses. Additionally, depending on the conditions, I use wireless artificial lighting - to illuminate the scene or to create a specific atmosphere.


Why is the appropriate technical background so important?
On the one hand, the highest quality of equipment is required in order for the final effect to be of the highest standard. On the other hand, the reliability of the equipment and its resistance to various operating conditions is crucial. The perfect knowledge of the equipment is very important - during the work there is no time for remembering how to get to some function or option - the equipment must be almost like an additional part of photographer's body.


In what composition do I carry out the service?
In most cases I realize the service on my own, sometimes - depending on the circumstances - with the help of an assistant. On client's request there is always a possibility to take pictures by two photographers (e.g. in order to take the same shots from two different perspectives at the same time), however this option is obviously more expensive and requires work of an additional person.
I also edit and elaborate the photos made by myself - I definitely prefer to be responsible for my work in its every aspect and represent my own, original style.


How do I dress for a wedding?
I always dress elegantly for a wedding - after all, it is a very important ceremony. I try not to make my clothes stand out from the guests and also not to interfere with the form of the event. However, due to the fact that the nature of the photographer's work involves carrying heavy equipment and relatively high mobility in order to capture scenes from various places and perspectives - I usually leave my jacket on the side in order to have much more freedom to work.


Am I licensed to photograph in a church?
Yes, I have the appropriate permission and personal ID, authorizing me to perform wedding reportage in the church.


Will I make a destination wedding session for you in any place?
Definitely YES. I will travel with you to any destination place that you can imagine and choose. Traveling for photographic purposes is definitely my favorite form of work.


What places do bride and groom usually choose for their outdoor sessions?
Very, very different ;) It definitely depends on the couple's individual preferences. Often these are places connected with their previous emotions - for example, where they met or where the engagement ring was given. Often these are places of their dreams - such as a trip to a place where they have never been before. Most often these are out-of-town areas - the sea, mountains, forests, romantic places, though equally often there are sessions in cities - here most often sessions abroad.


What is the style of my work?
I would describe my work style as reportage with a combination of improvisation and artistic insight.


Foreign languages I speak?
English, Italian, basic Czech and naturally Polish.


Am I able to personalize wedding photography service on your request?
Definitely YES. I am always open for conversation and listening to your needs and ideas. In the end your satisfaction is always my satisfaction. I don't like templates, standards and cliché because it always limits creativity.


How do I deal with difficult weather conditions?
Really difficult weather conditions as I understand them are when it's absolutely pouring rain or it's terribly cold. In both cases, it is primarily uncomfortable for you and if something like that happens, then the session needs to be moved to another date/time.
Other difficult conditions like drizzle, clouds, strong wind.... I always try to bring out the strengths of such conditions and treat such weather as a unique opportunity to create something special and original. Sunshine and cloudless skies are always a beautiful backdrop, but when something special happens, it can bring a unique and unprecedented effect to the final images.


Is poor lighting a hindrance to me?
Low lighting is usually not a big obstacle, although it can of course affect the pictures you take. For example, a dark church where the priest does not allow the use of flash light - then the photos have to be taken at higher sensitivities, which affects the tonality of registered colors, drop in sharpness and additional noise in the image. However, even in such conditions, modern equipment with a full and large matrix provides very good results.

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