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Wedding Reportage


Wedding Preparations Photoshoot

Destination Wedding Photographer

Putting lipstick on her lips, mascara on her lashes, a smile in the mirror, a twinkle in her eye, her soul mate fixing her hair, helping with her dress, shoes, veil... A flower in the buttonhole, a bow tie around the neck, a pin in the cuff, a man's watch on his wrist, checking the time. These are moments of tension and impatience, because there is always enough time. It is hard to imagine more important moments in life than the wedding. On that day we want everything to be perfect so that in the future we can remember those magic moments with emotion. As an experienced wedding photographer I will help you to capture them - I make wedding reports for couples in Warsaw and also in the whole country and abroad.

A unique wedding photojournalism by professional wedding photographer

In this gallery of wedding photography, I would like to present you with a selection of photographs taken during the bride and groom's preparations for the ceremony. It is a very specific time and very interesting when I can accompany you in your preparations. It is a kind of a backstage, a place taking place as if behind the curtain, to which only a few have access. The wedding reportage will be an original and at the same time extremely moving souvenir from the preparations for this wonderful event.

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