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Engagement Outdoor Photoshoot


Destination Wedding Photographer

The engagement session is a great idea to spend some time in front of the lens - a perfect opportunity to get to know each other with the photographer who will be creating the wedding photojournalism for you. You will learn what the chosen wedding photographer is like, how he works, what he pays attention to. I assure you that it is always a wonderful time spent on the spot, during which we talk a lot, improvise, have fun and create a great material that complements the whole collection of wedding photos. The place and time depends only on you - I will be happy to go to your favorite places both in Poland and in the remotest corners of the world. In each case I make sure that all our time is used effectively, regardless of the weather, light or time of day. I also make sure that the day is an opportunity to have fun.

Engagement session in Warsaw at an attractive price

To get the most out of your engagement session, I offer suitable wedding packages that include time to shoot before the ceremony date. If you are interested in the exact price - feel free to contact me! We will discuss the details and plan the photo day so that it becomes a wonderful souvenir not only in the form of pictures, but also (or maybe above all) memories and unforgettable experiences. I invite you to join me on a journey through the selected bride and groom outdoor sessions, carried out in various outdoor locations!

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