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Wedding reportage of Karolina & Maciek

Wedding Photoshoot · Lasotów Palace

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

We have already met photographically with this charming couple - Karolina and Maciek - on the occasion of their engagement session on the picturesque grounds of the palace and garden complexes in Nieborów and Arcadia. The bride and groom's earlier acquaintance with the photographer and his style of work definitely helps both of them in their subsequent sessions - and now it was time for a photo essay covering the wedding ceremony and the wedding party. The venue for both of these events was Lasot Palace - a beautiful building built in the style of an Italian villa, with a long tradition and style dating back to the 19th century. Thanks to its unique atmosphere, one can be transported back to those times during events organized inside the Palace. The stylish interiors are conducive to photos during the wedding preparations, give dignity to the wedding ceremony and are a brilliant background for the wedding party and feast. The exit from the Ballroom leads to a vast terrace that descends to the garden. Surrounding the Palace is a beautiful park with historic trees that is an additional attraction and is also a great place for photography purposes.

The hot atmosphere of celebration and fun lasted until early morning, and the wedding music and great setting was provided by Radek Florczak Wodzirej Art. Atmospheric dancing by candlelight, treasure hunt in the historic cellars of the Palace are just a part of the very rich program of this evening and night. Take a look for yourself 😉