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Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot of Linn-Marie & Stian

On location Wedding Photoshoot · Warsaw · Old Town

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Linn-Marie and Stian are a charming Norwegian couple. They loved Polish Gdańsk so much that they decided to have their wedding ceremony not in their native Norway, but in Poland. So why Warsaw? The procedure of the wedding ceremony for foreigners is so formal that they decided not to waste their time on breakneck procedures in the office - so they came to Warsaw to get married in the embassy of the Kingdom of Norway. It was quick, efficient and thanks to that we could spend much more time together.

Already after the first minutes of the meeting, when we sat down for a moment to get to know each other and talk, it turned out how warm, friendly and always smiling they are. Later, during the session, they show all their joy and insane sense of humour. They know Gdansk very well, but they are in Warsaw for the first time, so I have a lot of freedom in choosing the places and it is also a good opportunity, because in the meantime I can tell them a lot about the history of Warsaw. All three of us have a great time and it goes by very quickly. An hour, two hours... we sit down again in a pub to catch our breath, laugh and talk. A few more places and unfortunately our session is over - we continue with a celebratory dinner, but only Linn and Stian, the two of us...

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