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Beauty & Lifestyle Photo Shoot

Beauty & Lifestyle Photography · Warsaw

· by Fotosceny

A beauty session is not only about the beauty of a professional model. It's about the style she represents - movements, gestures, poses, natural body rhythm, imagination and the ability to look at herself from the side, accenting the scene with a natural look, ease, fantasy and creativity. There is not much time to form each pose separately, if the scene is to come out naturally, it must be fluid. So it's a continuous pose with the camera working in parallel, catching and capturing each set-up.

As in every case the light is crucial, it has to support the photographer's idea, so I place the model in such places where the light delicately accentuates the outline, builds three-dimension. Even the seemingly least interesting place becomes a spectacular scene and background. After small suggestions concerning the poses, I leave the rest to the model's imagination. I focus on the frame and on capturing the best images from this show. The right depth of field and shutter speed support my idea. Could there be any greater pleasure?

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