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Outdoor photo shoot with horses

Lifestyle session with horses - Korytnica

Lifestyle photography sessions · by Fotosceny

The last weekend of July was an opportunity to perform a unique session. I don't get a chance to photograph horses very often - it happened for the first time three years ago during Justyna and Adam's short outdoor wedding session ( Justyna & Adam - wedding session ). Justyna and Adam are passionate animal lovers, especially horses, and their dream theme for that outdoor session was to take pictures of their mare named Arisha. The weather was very challenging that evening, the shoot very short and in their dreams a second session was planned in full swing - sometime in the summer, full sun, many hours spent in beautiful surroundings. Now it was the right time for it - the decision was made quickly - the end of July, two full days and wonderful surroundings of Stable by the brook farm ( ) which runs a stud farm where Arisha lives every day. On the second day we were joined by Julia and Zosia with two other mares. The weather was beautiful, the area picturesque, the girls beautiful as models - such a scheme I could only dream of. For me it was also a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge about horses, and in fact - to build it, because as it turns out these large animals have an extraordinary personality and the commonly functioning concept of horses is only a fragment of the deep knowledge about them. An extensive photographic material was created, which I invite you to watch!

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