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Wedding Reportage of Amineh & Seb

Wedding Photojournalism · Florence · Tuscany · Italy

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Every wedding session I realize is a huge adventure for me. The preparation itself - planning the journey, packing the equipment and luggage, building scenarios for the session, organizing the transport, checking the weather forecast... - it all has the hallmarks of something special. And so it was this time with the session in Florence. Amineh and Seb, a couple from Canada, decided to use my services. A bit of correspondence, then an online video chat to talk directly and see each other first, a preliminary discussion of scenarios, needs and preferences, and finally booking a date.

This is my next visit to Florence, so I already know the city, but as always it remained to adjust the scenario of the photo session - on the one hand to the agenda of the bride and groom and their preferences, on the other to the available time and.... weather. At that time in Tuscany (just like here) the weather was beautifully hot and I didn't really want to believe what I saw in the weather forecasts - on that day, when the ceremony was planned, an atmospheric front was supposed to pass through, followed by thunderstorms and strong cooling. I followed the forecast several times a day and the closer we got to our session, the more accurately the forecast predicted a storm a few hours before the ceremony. To my surprise, the forecast came true - a violent storm came 1 hour before the ceremony, it didn't cool down, but the storm was so big that even though everything had calmed down and the sun came out, the wedding planner decided to make a plan B and move the ceremony inside the hotel. Every change of plan for this type of event always brings a bit of confusion - and I regretted that the ceremony would not take place in the beautiful gardens of Villa Cora, but on the other hand. On the other hand, the interiors of this place are so exquisite that they enhance the atmosphere and the momentousness of the event. Villa Cora ( is located a bit far from the center of the old town, on one of the hills surrounding Florence - and well, both the view of the whole city and the exquisiteness of the interiors will take anyone's breath away.

The wedding ceremony was very intimate, taking place among the closest family and friends. It went very unhurriedly, as if in suspension and in its own rhythm, and the majesty of the whole was emphasized by the lyrical melody of the harp. After the ceremony, a three-hour session in the beautiful 'nooks and crannies After the ceremony we had a three-hour session in the beautiful 'nooks and crannies' of Florence, moving smoothly from place to place in order to fulfil our plan and make it in time for the evening gala dinner with the wedding guests. There are a lot of tourists in the evening, of course, but we manage to choose the right places and shots, and the specific air after the storm and the pastel colors of the sky, become a great complement to the whole.

And so I thought to myself, that every time something crosses our plans a bit... it's worth to look at the situation from another side, see, appreciate and use other - maybe much more attractive - possibilities and chances.

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