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Humanist Wedding Photoshoot of Kasia i Rafał

Wedding Photojournalism · Warsaw

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Wedding sessions, engagement sessions, post-wedding sessions... It can be said that these are everyday life for a wedding photographer, however such events as 'humanistic wedding' do not happen often. However, in our country it is becoming more and more popular every year. Although it does not have any legal consequences and is not binding to the state or the Church, the main and most important force behind it are the people who do not vow their love in front of God or an official, but only in front of another person. The whole setting of such a ceremony, its main course and additional elements such as music or singing, depend only on the bride and groom, and in the case of this wedding the whole thing was an exquisite spectacle, directed and performed with great imagination and charm.

To begin with, Kasia and Rafał are both excellent singers, members of the Academic Choir of Warsaw University of Technology, where Rafał is the main tenor. As you can guess, a lot of people taking part in this event were also members of this choir, which provided the unique atmosphere of the ceremony, adding color to it with their wonderful singing. The venue was Little Warsaw - very spectacular interiors, fitting perfectly with their character both for the ceremony itself as well as the whole following wedding reception.

White balloons lifting up the train of the bride's dress, stylish bowler hat and tailcoat of the groom, the entry of the bride by elevator directly into the hall with the waiting guests and accompanied by the singing of the choir, created an atmosphere of an unusual spectacle, in which I had the pleasure to participate. The performance, that had just begun obviously continued throughout the evening - the friends of Kasia, extremely talented young people, performed one by one, in duets and solo, dedicated to the young couple - songs, interpretations, poems and pieces written especially for this occasion. It was probably the longest performance I've ever taken part in - colorful, singing and fancy, smiling from ear to ear, with hot, positive energy.