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Wedding Reportage of Lori & Jess

Wedding Photojournalism · Stevns · Copenhagen · Denmark

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

I have already mentioned, that each session is different, each has something distinctive, different, something that distinguishes it and makes it memorable for a very long time. This session was special for many reasons - the announcement of a very nice American couple appeared literally a few days before the planned ceremony... which was to take place in the lovely village of Stevns, 70 kilometers from Copenhagen. The formalities went very quickly - offer, Q&A session, decision and very fast preparations. It was happening... On Sunday afternoon I had a session in Warsaw, and on Monday morning I was already on a plane to Copenhagen. Well, that's my favourite style of operation after all - very quick decisions and taking challenges.

Lori and Jess planned themselves 3 stages of photojournalism.... The first is naturally the preparation - makeup, wedding hairstyle, wedding attire.... - And I don't think I've ever seen Style Passion beauty salon ( located in such a brilliant place - in a beautiful, cozy seaside town of Rødvig, right by the small harbor, and of course overlooking the sea. The weather was perfect - beautiful and typical for these places, wind, clouds, steel-turquoise colors of the sea, lightened by sun rays in some places.

The wedding ceremony took place in Stevns - this is the next stage and point on our map... because it's also very characteristic that we travel a lot throughout the day. This stage is going very fast, so finally it's time for outdoor sessions. The Stevns area is famous for its beautiful, picturesque cliffs and Stevns Klint is one of the most magnificent cliffs in Danish Zealand. We take a series of photos at the tiny 13th century church in Højerup.

The rest of the day is also a journey, we stop in a few places that particularly catch our attention, and in the evening in Copenhagen we take a few last shots in the famous Nyhavn - a canal and street in the center of Copenhagen, where the facades of houses are painted in characteristic bright colors.

A very intense day coming to an end, it was lovely and full of improvisation. And our session was special for yet another reason - what reason? Take a look for yourself.

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