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Engagement Photoshoot in Venice

On location Engagement Photoshoot · Venice · Venezia · Italy

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Even though I have been to this city so many times before, I always come back here with an unbearable pleasure. So as soon as I found out, that the session proposal was for Venice - there was only one decision to make - I fly!

Although the most important moment was to last only a moment, my client was preparing for this event for almost two months. Yes, it was going to be a proposal and it was going to be romantic, everything was kept secret until the last moment and as the whole thing was going to take place during the gondola cruise, everything was planned in meticulous detail. So only me and the gondolier, we were privy to the whole thing. We knew where and when, and until then, a carefree cruise performed by a gondolier coming from one of the oldest Venetian families. Everything turned out to be very unusual - the cruise took place far from the main, typical tourist routes. Gondolier all the time was spinning unusual, very interesting stories about the history of particular places - both old and the latest one. His gondola was also not a typical modern boat, asymmetrical with a metal ferro in the front part, such as there are a few hundred floating today. It was a very old boat, with a history of its own, distinguished by its different construction, dignified and unique - as unique as the moment that was about to take place on it. And special the moment was, there were tears of happiness and fulfillment. Take a look for yourself.

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