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Wedding Reportage of Justyna & Adam

Wedding Photojournalism · Połaniec

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Justyna and Adam invited me to realize a unique and original session - imagine that both the wedding ceremony, the reception and the outdoor session were to take place twice.

The first part took place at the beginning of September, in the family circle and in the hometown in Poland. The second part was planned for the beginning of October, in the place dreamt of by the young couple - Tuscany. Both parts were to include both the ceremony, the family party and the outdoor session, except that in Poland there was to be a civil wedding, a party in a larger group and a short outdoor session, while in Tuscany there was to be a church wedding, a party with a few people close by and an outdoor session. well, there were a few good days planned for that, in Tuscany and Venice landscapes - but this part is yet to take place, so it will be a subject of a separate entry,

Both Justyna and Adam are passionate about animals. They have their own mare named Arisha, who is the apple of their eye. Justyna combines her passion - love for animals, with her professional work - and in addition, she not only takes care of their health, but also of their attractive appearance by giving them haircuts.

As you can guess, one of the themes of the planned, short outdoor session was to be scenes with Arisha - not far from the stud, on a gentle hill, there is a beautiful view of the area. The evening should have been warm and sunny, but as it often happens the weather can play tricks on us, so it was cloudy and cold, and darkness was falling fast. It was cloudy and cold and darkness was falling fast, so I had to hurry up and think how to turn this bad weather into an ally of the photographed scene. Additional lighting came in handy - remotely controlled lamps and appropriate camera settings allowed to bring out the unique drama of the scene - giving a chance to record very original images.

These were unique moments, interesting experience and it was nice that the weather was 'good otherwise' - because it allowed to record images with very unusual background.

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