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Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot of Sara & Grzegorz

On location Wedding Photoshoot · Venice · Venezia · Italy

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Sara and Grzegorz chose an exceptional and my favorite place for their wedding session. On the one hand, it's one big and ready scenery, being a brilliant background for every scenario. On the other hand - a multitude of canals, bridges, narrow streets and nooks, vast squares and tall buildings - all this makes that practically at any time of day you can find great light, reflected by the ubiquitous water and blended with pastels of the walls of old buildings. Magical place, magical time.

This time, apart from a photographer's role, I had a pleasure to be their guide. Sara and Grzegorz came to Venice for the first time, so I could lead them through all my favorite nooks and crannies of this city-labyrinth, telling them some stories and anecdotes. And so it happened. They both fell under its spell, promising themselves to return here again in some time...

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