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Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot of Ilona & Piotrek

On location Wedding Photoshoot · In the forest · Among heathers

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Each season has its own specificity and beauty, autumn has it as well. On one of the last truly warm, almost summer days, Ilona and Piotrek went outdoors for a wedding photo session with the background of autumn colours. A clear September day, with a little diffused light, emphasized the subdued colours in a very interesting way - golden birch leaves and deep purple heather.

The weather was very favourable to us, emphasizing the charm of the places we found. Initially, the sky was a bit hazy, creating a subdued light, very diffused, giving a very nice, low-contrast effect when taking photos in the forest. Later, when we found large areas of heather, the sun appeared, bringing out beautiful, deep colours.

To tell the truth, almost every weather is a good potential for an outdoor photoshoot and even when it seems very unfavourable at times - an experienced wedding photographer can see its advantages, whether by photographing in a natural way or by intertwining his creativity to, for example, with additional lighting, emphasize the qualities of a given places and scenes. This often requires taking and carrying additional equipment with you, but in the end it often turns out to be very beneficial.

My outdoor photo sessions usually last longer than one or two hours, I always encourage couples to prepare for at least five hours, because on the one hand the time for such a session goes very quickly, on the other - more time means more possibilities. The more time, the more places we can visit in a given area, and therefore we have a chance for various lighting of the scenes photographed outdoors. For example, by choosing a photoshoot five hours before sunset, we have the opportunity to take outdoor wedding photos both in typical daylight and with beautiful colours during the so-called golden hour.

Longer sessions naturally require better preparation also by the bride and groom - you must take something to drink with you, as well as plan for some rest and having a meal. Depending on the terrain, it is necessary to take appropriate footwear with you so that it is easy to move between individual places in the outdoors. It is worth considering taking only one pair of shoes with you, which will be used for the entire time of the outdoor session - this will avoid the need for the inconvenient carrying additional bags with shoes and the constant need to change shoes. In practice, during outdoor photoshoot, the shoes worn are poorly or not at all visible, especially at the bride's - so you can plan special outdoor wedding shoes, in the form of white / black shoes of a more sporty character, very comfortable to wear and at the same time adding a note of humor to the images.

If the wedding or engagement photo session is to take place in a forest or slightly wet / damp areas, then it is necessary to think about anti-mosquito agents, which in their season can make our activities very difficult, effectively discouraging from taking photos, often in a very attractive photographically area.

There are still quite a number of other matters and issues, that are worth paying attention to, in order to prepare as well as possible and make the session a pleasant, fun adventure, and the end result - delicious. All of these we discuss thoroughly with my couples, when planning our photoshooting.

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