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Wedding Reportage of Marta & Bartek

On location Wedding Photoshoot · in Brok

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

The Bug River area is a wonderful background for wedding sessions, beautiful and full of charm. "Nadbużański Park Krajobrazowy" is characterized by a large diversity of landscape - its greatest value is the preserved valley of the Bug River, with the meandering river, numerous old riverbeds and islands in the current and sandbanks and escarpments.

In July, I had the pleasure of doing a wedding photojournalism and a short but charming outdoor wedding session for Marta and Bartek - extremely cheerful and full of energy young people with a great sense of humor. The wedding ceremony took place in a neo-gothic church in Sadowne, while the reception and wedding party took place in the Gracja wedding hall in the town of Brok.

As befits the middle of summer, the weather that day was hot and changeable, and the forecast predicted strong thunderstorms in the afternoon - at the time when we planned a short outdoor wedding session.

The wedding preparations and the blessing of the parents took place at the Bride's house, located outside the city, in a charming place full of green meadows, trees, bushes, and blooming flowers. The photo shoot was favored by beautiful sunny weather, so there was also a traditional "wedding gate" in front of the Bride's house - a form of play, in which the Bride's beloved had to redeem her. After the parents' blessing and a series of portraits outside, we headed to the church in Sadowne, where the wedding ceremony took place. The beautiful, distinctive neo-Gothic building, with a bright interior that let in plenty of sunlight, was the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

After the wedding wishes we set off to Brok nearby, where the newlyweds, welcomed with bread and salt, had their first dance. Outside the window the weather started to change, it became steamy and cloudy, and on the horizon a band of very dark clouds appeared, lit up by the flashes of an approaching storm. Well, the weather forecast was apparently coming true, and very timely. A short discussion, a quick decision and despite such a perspective, we rushed to the nearby meadows. I must say it was a great decision. Our session was quite short, but the fast approaching storm created a unique background for us - dark, navy blue sky, swirling clouds and deep green meadows and trees - can you imagine more interesting and original scenery? I think any weather conditions can and should be taken advantage of, but it's also definitely worth following the weather forecast to be well prepared for different circumstances 😊.

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