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Engagement Photoshoot of Karolina i Maciek

Outdoor Engagement Photoshoot · Palace in Nieborów and Arkadia

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

For the engagement session, we went with Karolina and Maciek to Nieborów - both the park near the palace and the spaces in Arkadia make a great backdrop for outdoor photos. The weather was summer and dreamlike - sunny but not hot. Nieborów offers a great variety of locations and we spent practically half a day here - starting in the early afternoon and ending in the golden hour in the surrounding fields of sunflowers.

Bridal session in a field of sunflowers

My outdoor photography sessions usually last longer than one or two hours, I always encourage couples to prepare for at least five hours, because on the one hand the time on such a session goes by very quickly, on the other hand, more time means more opportunities. The more time we have, the more places we can visit in an area, as well as giving us the chance for different lighting for the outdoor scenes we photograph. So by going outdoors, for example five hours before sunset, we have the chance to take outdoor photos in both typical daylight and beautiful colours during the so-called golden hour.

It is important to prepare properly for the planned session - it is crucial, among other things, to establish with the couple their preferences as to the style in which the photos are to be taken, and to take their ideas and fantasies into account. Due to the type of outfits, the engagement session is generally a lighter photoshoot session compared to the wedding session, but it is worthwhile to include a break for rest and a possible meal, especially if the session is to last longer than three hours. In order for the couple to feel at ease on set, it is worth ensuring that the couple is relieved of the burden of carrying a rucksack or bag, so any essentials such as documents or phones are simply taken into my photographic backpack, where these are safe and always at hand. Depending on the weather and the location of the outdoor shoot, it is essential to take along suitable, comfortable footwear as well as anti-mosquito products, which in green areas can be very bothersome and discourage photography often in very photographically attractive locations.

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