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Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot in Venice

On location Wedding Photoshoot · Venice · Venezia · Italy

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Wedding sessions in different parts of the world are always a great opportunity to get to know other cultures and visit new places. This session promised to be exceptional - I already know Venice very well, but it was the first time I had to deal with a Japanese couple. So when I got the proposal for the honeymoon session, I made my decision immediately.

Very nice and delicate couple, emanating feelings from a distance. Very happy and cheerful. We spoke in English and there was not the slightest problem with communication. Our plan for the day of this session was very ambitious - the couple dreamed of shooting near San Marco Square early in the morning, when the typical tourist crowd is not yet present. The time of 7:00am seemed appropriate - but the day before, just in case, I checked what the situation was in the square. People were indeed few, but already in the square I counted three young couples in the middle of photographic sessions. Within 30 minutes, in other places I met three more couples. Well, this place is unique and very popular, and the possibility of taking pictures without tourists in the background - very tempting. There were still some tourists on the square, also tempted by the empty square at the early hour. There were also already at work city services - cleaning and repairs. Of course, the square was radically more empty than during the day, although groups of people here and there would not be a good background for photos, which were supposed to have a unique atmosphere. A quick contact with the couple and we agreed that the session would take place two hours earlier, at 5:00am. The makeup artist was able to be rescheduled by two hours and I was very impressed with the couple's determination to go on location so early.

The 5am hour, apart from the almost completely empty square, had another advantage - the sun was very low and the light, subdued by small clouds, gave beautiful soft and pastel colors. A dream location, time and weather. Our session was a creative and relaxed time, the fascination with the place, the joy, the tender looks and smiles of my couple - all these were the delicious driving force of our scene. And it's just a shame that time always passes so incredibly quickly on sessions.

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