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Engagement Photoshoot of Patrycja & Michał

Outdoor Engagement Photoshoot · Palace in Młochów

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Michal and I met in the winter, just before Christmas, with the intention of planning a bridal session for the spring of the new year. The session was a secret at this stage, because it was conceived as a Christmas gift for Patrycja - you have to admit that it was very original.

Each season of the year has its charms and its own individual potential for a photo session, however spring or summer is an exceptional time - greenery, warmth, sun, flowers... - all this always adds charm and magic to the images. We decided to do the session in July - it was an exceptionally warm year, with the greenery in full bloom. The decision fell on the gardens of the palace in Młochów - a wonderful place, a large green area with small lakes, practically empty space - only a small number of visitors, so the session was very free. The weather was perfect, the place was beautiful, the couple was wonderful, full of charm, imaginative and energetic. Working on the pictures was a great pleasure and it's a pity that time always rushes so fast.

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