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Wedding Photoshoot of Justyna & Adam

Wedding Reportage · Tuscany · Venice · Italy

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

In October, the time has come for Justyna and Adam's second session. The first one took place in Poland (described in my previous post), while this one took place in Italy. Tuscany, as a place for a church wedding and an outdoor session, was a dream come true for both of them. Well, such beautiful dreams are made to come true. By the way, my dreams come true too, because to make a few days session in Tuscany and at the end in Venice is a perfect scenario for a photographer.

We already know each other very well, but the proverbial dot over the "i" is provided by our trip to Tuscany together - so there's an opportunity to make some scenarios and to take the first reportage photos during the trip. Our home and base in Tuscany is the estate "I Puntoni" located just outside the town of Magliano. We are hosted by our mutual friends - Agnieszka and Sergio, a charming, very hospitable and extremely helpful Polish-Italian couple. Their property is huge - they have been running an agritourism business here for years and for this purpose, this place is brilliant. The Tuscan view with the sea looming in the background takes our breath away. The background is filled with green hills covered with endless vines and olive trees - because you should know that Sergio is also a wine and oil producer, and that they are sensational.... no need to convince you. In addition there is a swimming pool, soft and thick like velvet grass, the smell of thyme hedge, cozy guest rooms... - In high season it is not easy to find a place here, because "I Puntoni" is very popular.

The first day is spent by the young couple on the formalities related to the wedding - it will be conducted by a Polish priest, who for years has been officiating in the charming town of Serre di Rapolano We go there together - a good opportunity to talk to the priest and check the conditions in the church - how much space there is, what kind of light and how freely you can move during the ceremony. Then we go to the florist's house, who is supposed to prepare a bouquet for the bride and decorate the church with flowers. They welcome and treat us very nicely, and of course we taste their own home-made wine. After this visit our priest takes us to a common dinner, where in addition to all matters related to the ceremony, he tells us his story and suggests where to go - what are the most interesting places in the area, among others for outdoor photography. We had a very nice time.

There was still a trip to the coast, to a restaurant in Lido di Gianella, where the young couple choose a menu for the evening dinner. Agnieszka helps in translating with Italian and choosing dishes, because their number and variety is huge here.

Our next day is the wedding day. The preparations start in the morning and I use this time for a mini session with the rings and for getting the equipment ready - the weather so far has been perfect, but the forecast is more and more often about approaching storms. And indeed the wedding day was the only partly rainy day, but as the Italian proverb says "sposa bagnata sposa fortunata" - or in a word: rain for luck!

The wedding ceremony is very intimate - the young couple, the parents and Agnes and Sergio as witnesses. The church is beautiful, small but quite dark and climatic. However, I have a lot of freedom - during our earlier talks, the priest himself suggested that I could move freely, in all the places, from where the shots would be the best. Beautiful!

Wedding photojournalism - wedding ceremony - by destination wedding photographer Fotosceny

After the ceremony we planned a short session in Rapolano, but unfortunately the rain that came thwarted the plans, so we go to another area - Monte Argentario, and in the tiny village of La Soda, not far from Porto Santo Stefano, we make a short, evening session of the young couple, in the light of the setting sun.

The festive evening is filled with dinner together - a charmingly, almost beachfront, restaurant/hotel in Lido di Gianella on the Orbetello spit. As befits such an occasion, evening and place, the menu is outstanding - some traditional Tuscan dishes, some seafood, and of course local wines complete the formalities. At the end there is a cake and local desserts, so we celebrate this time until late in the evening.

The following days are filled with outdoor excursions - we set off to various places, some recommended by our hosts and friends, others known to me from previous trips. So one by one we visit the ruins of a temple in San Bruzio, the wonderfully situated Pitigliano, the seaside Alberese and Maremma, the monumental remains of a temple in San Galgano, the famous landscapes of Val d'Orcia with the tiny Cappella Madonna di Vitaleta. The bride and groom clearly look spectacular, so in every town where we show up for photos, we are accompanied by applause, well wishes and smiles, the locals leaning out of their windows calling "Complimenti! Auguri!". Very nice gestures accompany us also in moments of rest - when we sit down for meals, trattoria owners offer us chilled Prosecco and necessarily photograph themselves with unusual guests.

Time passes quickly during the sessions, the days fly by, so we leave "I Puntoni" for the last, but equally unique outdoor session - in Venice. Our appetite for photos is proportional to the uniqueness of this place and it's a pity that the weather is playing a trick on us - it's getting cold and rainy, so in the evening we rely on improvisation and creative lighting.

We spent a few very interesting days together, very intensive. Lots of beautiful impressions, friendly people and great hospitality from Agnieszka and Sergio. We will miss it.

But it's time to come back, there is a lot of material, now we are processing photos and making an album. Definitely, work is a pleasure.