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Wedding Reportage in Paris

Wedding Photojournalism · Versailles · Paris · France

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

I had met this couple a year earlier while doing their engagement session in Venice - a lovely couple and a very special time. It's always extremely nice when clients come back to me, continuing their photographic adventure together. I feel as if I have been invited to participate in their most important moments in life. This was the case now as well - I received an invitation to shoot a full wedding session in Paris. An excellent offer, so I did not hesitate for a moment.

It's always extremely important to get to know the couple who is to be the main character of the photo session at least a little bit beforehand - in this case we already knew each other very well, so the whole thing went straight smoothly - from the preparations, through the ceremony, the family party at Versailles and a short outdoor session. The only challenge was the exceptionally capricious weather this spring and while the rest of Europe was experiencing hot and sunny weather, in France it was cold, windy and wet. But really... any weather brings a lot of possibilities - you just have to take advantage of them. And when you need a bit of sun, you can catch it even in the moments between the rains - and that was the case here...

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