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Wedding Reportage of Dagmara & Radek

Wedding Photojournalism · Otwock

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Our adventure with Dagmara and Radek is related to the winter time - at the beginning of December we met to discuss their plans, and exactly one year later - their celebration took place. They are a lovely and very merry couple and so were all our meetings. The wedding ceremony took place in Otwock, while the reception took place in the wedding hall Dworek Na Wodoktach in Otwock Wielki.

Carrying out a photo essay in winter can sometimes involve additional technical challenges, which should be taken into account and properly prepared to avoid surprises. As far as the photographic equipment itself is working very good in low temperatures, sometimes a significant obstacle can be caused by the fogging of its elements (viewfinder, matrix), which takes place when moving from a cold place to a heated one. If the camera is cooled down, moving it to a warm place causes moisture to gather on its surface immediately - this phenomenon is commonly known and encountered e.g. when taking a bottle out of a fridge, which is a similar situation. In the case of a camera, it is mainly the viewfinder/rear screen and the lens, that get fogged up, which, if you have to shoot in such a state, means you have to constantly wipe these elements. However, it is worse if the matrix or the mirror in the SLR camera fogs up - then unfortunately you have to wait until the equipment warms up and the moisture evaporates. In case of very low temperatures outside it's worth to protect the camera from cooling down and if there is a need for a short outdoor session during a party for example, then it's worth taking a second, spare camera with you so that when you come back you can easily go back to taking pictures with your warm equipment.

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