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Wedding Reportage of Klaudia & Mateusz

Wedding Photojournalism · Tarnów

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

The city of Tarnów is a wonderful background for wedding sessions, beautiful and extremely graceful. It is not without reason that prominent art experts refer to it as the "Pearl of the Baroque". Tarnów during the Renaissance was one of the most beautiful cities in Poland - a monumental parish church, a magnificent town hall, rich burgher houses with interesting architecture and polychrome facades created a magnificent view. Currently, the city is counted among the most beautiful in Europe. The beautiful location of its old town - on a hill, makes it very attractive visually, and its values are appreciated by many wedding photographers.

In June I had the pleasure of realizing a wedding photojournalism and an outdoor wedding session for Klaudia and Mateusz, beautiful and extremely cheerful young people, with a great sense of humor and hot energy.

The wedding ceremony took place at Tarnów Town Hall - in the beautiful and historic Mirror Room of the City Hall, while the reception and the wedding party at Cristal Park Hotel.

The weather that day was quite changeable, however very conducive in the climaxes 😊 So it happened that the sun came out for a short outdoor session, creating a very warm light during the golden hour in the late afternoon. We made the most of this moment by heading to the Sanguszko Park, a palace and park complex located in the southeastern district of Tarnów for our outdoor shoot. The vast park situated on the gentle slopes of the palace hill, with the landscape style preserved on the northern side, created a perfect background for our wedding photos. A lot of greenery, trees, bushes, blooming flowers and historic walls of the palace warmed up by the golden light of the sun created a dreamlike atmosphere.

Our outdoor wedding session was quite short, it took place during the wedding reception, so it didn't require any special preparations or plans. However, as a wedding photographer I would like to tell you that it is a good idea to make sure in advance if there is no event planned at the location of the session that would affect the background for the photos or create other unfavorable conditions. On the day of our session, in the morning hours there was organized so called Annual Sanguszko's Run, with the start and finish in the park, so there was additional infrastructure set up, tables, stalls, and the route was limited with white and red tapes on both sides of the paths. Fortunately, by the afternoon the race was over and all the associated infrastructure removed. Well, I breathed a sigh of relief when upon our arrival there was no more trace of this, interesting by the way, event 😊.

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