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Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot of Kasia & Michał

On location Wedding Photoshoot · In the forest

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

One session... is not enough Kasia and Michael are already well acquainted with each other, we have already photographed their wedding in Warsaw's Old Town. Since then we have been thinking about an original place and the final choice fell on a beautiful forest nook near Warsaw. The place of our meeting was a small village, situated on the border with the forest. Very picturesque place, beautiful sunny weather, with a little bit of diffused light - fabulous! Everywhere you look there are great places to shoot, so by the time we got to the forest, some time had already passed - and this one always runs like crazy on an outdoor trip. It's always like that when the work is fun - and on this session we had fun all three of us. A meadow, the edge of a forest and a little forest picnic, served with white wine. It often happens that when I plan a particular place for a shoot, I have a particular light in mind and then I try to get to the place at a particular time. But you can't plan the weather - our trip into the woods took so long that the sun hid behind the clouds - but you know what? It gave amazing, deep, unique atmosphere - every time and every light creates special opportunities, you just have to use them.

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