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Wedding Reportage of Monika & Łukasz

Wedding Photojournalism · Warsaw

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

This very intimate wedding of Monika and Łukasz took place in the cathedral in Praga, Warsaw. Monika called me literally less than a month before the wedding date and then everything went very quickly. We met in a café, where Monika and Łukasz briefly presented the plan and details of the ceremony and their expectations from the session. We continued planning the scope and considering the possibilities together. The bride and groom decided on a high quality photo-album with an impressive acrylic photo on the cover. The whole album was to be placed in a dedicated decorative and specially prepared box. And so it was. Despite the fact that the ceremony was limited to a couple of hours, quite a lot of material for the photo book was created - the beautiful, monumental architecture of the cathedral encouraged spectacular shots, in which the young couple composed very interestingly.

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