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Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot of Ola & Bartek

On location Wedding Photoshoot · Oliva Gardens · Gdańsk

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

We had already met Ola and Bartek from two previous sessions, very nice and charming people, and very organized. They have their favorite places - in fact, the plan of the session had been known for a long time and although there were various places in and around Gdańsk, we ended up spending all of our time in Oliwa Park. The weather has been playing tricks on us for some time now, so when it started to get really cold, windy and wet, I was wondering what direction our session would take and how Ola would handle it. The day of the session turned out to be perfect, literally overnight the weather gave up its whims - it turned out to be beautiful, sunny, warm and windless. Our session lasted unhurriedly, as if suspended in time. It was a very, very long, truly summer moment. Take a look for yourself...

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