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Wedding Reportage of Ola & Bartek

Wedding Photojournalism · Różyny · Poland

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

Ola and Bartek had already had their first, short session, when less than three months earlier we met in Gdańsk, in order to talk about the upcoming event and plan the scenarios, but above all to see and get to know each other. It makes our later cooperation easier, because when "that day" comes, I won't leave them for almost a second - and since it's one of the most emotional days in our lives, it's worth starting to build such relations as early as possible. It is very important to get to know how they are, what ideas they have, how they dream about this day and what I can do to satisfy their expectations to the highest degree. Ola and Bartek are a very nice and warm couple, they are very calm and this feeling accompanied me during our whole time together - from the moment of preparations and blessing of their parents in their intimate and very cozy apartment, through the ceremony, to the wedding reception, which lasts until the very morning. This is probably the reason why this job is so pleasant for me - from the very beginning till the end I am accompanied by positive energy, warm looks and feelings.

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