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Wedding Reportage of Dominika & Adam

Wedding Photojournalism · Małe Ciche · Tatry

Destination Wedding Photographer · Fotosceny

June for me is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, warm, blooming, heralding summer. Moreover, it is very graceful as far as photography is concerned. In such conditions I had the pleasure to shoot the wedding session for Dominika and Adam, which lasted practically three days - the photo reportage was supposed to include all the events: the preparations, the parents' blessing, the ceremony in church, the wedding reception, the outdoor session and the family session. The location was perfect - Małe Ciche, so it was very much in the local highlander style, with beautiful scenery overlooking the Tatra Mountains. Before the whole event, I did a little reconnaissance the day before - what the surroundings look like, from which places there is the best view of the Tatra Mountains, what the conditions are in the church where the ceremony is to take place. The church turns out to be a gem, completely wooden - highlander, only inside there is a little mixture of lights with different temperatures, yellow shadows, blue lights, so it will be a challenge.

The weather on the wedding day was perfect, so the day was sunny and joyful. After the church ceremony the reception takes place in the inn "Tatrzański Bór", beautifully situated and of course fully highlander, and since the weather is beautiful, warm and the day long, apart from feasting and dancing inside, a large part of the reception takes place outside. And of course it lasts until dawn.

After a day of rest for the bride and groom and their guests, it was time for our wedding outdoor ceremony. The weather thwarted our plans quite a lot, it got foggy, chilly and wet. It's a pity, because when the weather is good, the views from the nearby hills are perfect. We decide to shoot in the nearby forest, where the fog and dampness intensifies the atmosphere of the scenes, surrounded by tall, slender fir trees.