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My name is Tomasz Budzyński, I am destination wedding photographer, and I created fotosceny with the view to recording the most emotionally energetic and optimistic moments that await us in our life. The opportunity to tell your story with my own words is a great privilege, very motivating and obliging at the same time. That is why I put all my passion and energy into my work to create for you a one-of-a-kind, unique product that allows you to go back in time, at any point you wish - just open the photo album, photobook, take in your hands printed pictures - it always the same way, how great impression it makes when picking up something that exists physically and is so strongly associated with the most beautiful time.

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How do I work as photographer

In my wedding photography, I am paying a great attention to the aesthetics, I want the composition and lighting to properly emphasize the atmosphere and specificity of the moment. My favorite light is the ambient light, because it is always natural and that is the way it is reflecting the scene. However, I also like to use artificial light - flashes and speedlights to add a bit of creativity into the whole, bring out the textures, colors and dynamics, sometimes add notes of mystery, and sometimes emphasize the geometry of the environment by adding a new dimension to it.


Where am I available to you?

Apart from photography, my second great passion is traveling. For me, it is not only about landscapes, but also other people, different cultures, languages, different cuisine, smells, air and light. I love getting to know, that's why I rush with passion whenever an opportunity for a journey arises. So I will be just happy to head with you to any corner of the world, to accompany you as a photographer for any kind of your wedding event, either a wedding ceremony with wedding reception until dawn, or a warm, intimate wedding ceremony in the mountains or on the beach, engagement session, short elopement, humanistic wedding, wedding session, or maybe a honeymoon trip.

I am based in Warsaw but working as a destination wedding photographer I am available worldwide. My inspirations for wedding photography were places like Florence, Rome, Paris, Versailles, Copenhagen, Stevns and many times Venice. As a matter of fact, the wedding sessions combined with journeys are fulfilling me the most.

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What others talk

Sara i Grzegorz

We would like to exchange the "very good" rating for a higher one but there is no such scale.❤️ If you are wondering which photographer to choose for this special day or on location sessions, we do recommend Tomasz with a clear conscience. Revelation is an understatement. Ingenuity and great shots are definitely his asset. A photographer with whom you can talk freely, arrange everything. He will make such photos that the only problem will be choosing photos for printing, as it is really a strong temptation set all the house walls as one big wallpaper. We had on location shooting in Venice, so apart from the nice "setting us up for photos" he was a true guide for us ... It was so nice to hear him talking about this place with such excitement. An interesting and intelligent man who keeps a cool head in crisis situations and can even sew a wedding dress ????. A fabulous time. Thank you for great photos and extraordinary memories. ????

Linn & Stian

My wife and I got married in Warzawa in June and chose to be photographed by Tomasz. It was a pleasure to get to know this wonderful nice man. We were guided through several areas of the city and heard many stories on the road - in addition to taking many great pictures. We are incredibly pleased with the result and left with a unique experience that has been framed on images by a highly skilled and professional photographer. Thank you, Tomek. We can certainly recommend Tomasz's services to all! With best regards Linn & Stian

Justyna & Adam

I always wanted to have a wedding souvenir in the form of beautiful photos, without a movie, that no one watches afterwards. And Tomek made this dream come true. We have got  beautiful photos, that everyone watches with delight and says that they look like from the best magazine. And this is how we felt during the sessions - as if we were the most important people in the world, and our photos were to be the most beautiful and were supposed to decorate the covers of the best wedding or fashion magazines. Tomek is able to capture the beauty of moments and people, even in moments when it seems, that there are no conditions for a goos shooting. On our wedding day, there was supposed to be a session on a meadows with a horse, and the sunshine and blue skies. And it was cold and very cloudy instead. I thought, that none of these photos will be fine, but when I saw the effect, I literally "dropped the puppy". The photos came out 'mega' and no one could believe they were taken on an ordinary meadow, just behind the stable. In addition, Tomek is able to take a photo of a horse so as to get all its beauty out of it, and during our session he photographed this animal for the first time. There are not many photographers in the country who can do it, what proves his great talent and proves that Tomek can find himself in all possible conditions. A the summary. If any of you is dreaming for a beautiful souvenir from the most important day in your life, choosing Tomek will make one of the best decisions in your life and then, looking at the photos, you will admit to me that you could not have made a better choice. I recommend him with all my heart.

My favourite place?

I have got quite a lot of my favourite places, but if I had to choose just one, it would be Venice. This place is special for many reasons. It is said that you can either love or hate Venice. A saying of my own is a bit different - you either love Venice or you don't really know this place. Located on 118 islands, connected by 400 bridges, it is a phenomenal backdrop for photo sessions, beautiful, historical and practically unchanged since the old times. Whichever way you go there, you find original places, intimate nooks and crannies and ubiquitous water reflecting the sun's rays, the light slips over the walls of tall buildings, creating a unique play of 'chiaroscuro'. And when there is fog - it is majestic. And when it's raining - it's nostalgic. And when the 'aqua alta' comes along, the atmosphere becomes unique.

All this is causing, that in Serenissima there is a large number of weddings held, wedding sessions, photo-shoots, engagement sessions, and elopements of young couples. Wedding photos that are taken here have a wonderful character and light. The city creates a brilliant backdrop for wedding creations, definitely emphasizing the beauty of couples and the uniqueness of wedding dresses. This place has endless potential and not many people know, that it is enough to walk just a few steps from the main tourist attractions, to find an exclusive stage and light for wedding shooting.

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